NYC Haunts

Where the Kindred of New York spend their time

2018 Archive Note
I first began playing Vampire: The Masquerade in 1993, and ended my campaign in 2002. I no longer run a Vampire campaign, and New York by Night is essentially an archive of old material. Entries presented in “gray boldface” followed by a “Coming Soon” bracket will be restored after I’ve edited the old material. Entries presented in “black boldface” were never actually developed, and are unlikely to be expanded now. I’ve retained them because they help flesh out New York by Night, and may suggest ideas for other Storytellers to adapt for their own campaigns.

The City and Her Kindred

New York by Night
A description of 1999 New York City, with a description of its territories broken down by geographical region and areas of Kindred control.

Camarilla Haunts

Santa de Luzarches
The subterranean cathedral of the New York Toreador, this legendary guildhouse contains the great pipe organ Aoidé, features diverse artistic wonders from the Garden of Stone to the Mirror of Don Quixote, and protects seven inviolable chapels dedicated to the clans of the Camarilla. Come for Veronica Tryst’s stained glass windows, but stay for the Malkavian coffee!

The Studio Calliope
Another haven for the Toreador, the Studio represents their artistic and cultural front with the world of the Living.

The Galleria Desmodius
Amadeus St. Sebastian’s unique art gallery, this long-time staple of the Village now boasts offshoots in SoHo and Chelsea.

The Toolworks
A Ventrue/Toreador joint project, the Toolworks fuses elegant dining with brash nightclub.

In This Size 1.66
Home of the Kaffee Klatsch, a circle of crazies from the outlawed Malkavian Clan.

Canto III Verse IX
A conservative coffeehouse run by the enigmatic Toreador known only as Ovid, this shop caters in information as well as a damn fine cup of coffee.

Prospero’s Books
An occult emporium of the highest order, this shop caters to those seeking for out-of-print books and special imports.

Sabbat Haunts

The Engulfed Cathedral
The Sabbat’s inverted answer to Santa de Luzarches, this haven is a flooded, upside down cathedral located, perhaps, outside of normal time and space.

Dubbed “The Church of Starry Wisdom,” Sarnath is the decadent nightclub owned and operated by Malachi of the Sabbat. It is the haven of the Sarnath Coven, the most important group of Sabbat Cainites in New York.

Club Byzantium
This exclusive swing club is located on the Upper East Side, and serves the Byzantium Coven as haven, haunt, and hunting ground.

Quarried into the tunnels of an abandoned subway station, Viriconium its a red-light district where Cainites and humans mingle in a subterranean world of sex and blood.

The most wretched lupanarium of the Sabbat, Siddim changes its location every few years—the better to hide its tracks, which are laid across the broken bodies of its unfortunate victims.

The Hippodrome
A spin-off from Club Byzantium, this gay sex club is located in Chelsea, and has a reputation for wild abandon.

Zoara Bela
An upscale “gentleman’s club,” Zoara Bela also functions as a high-end brothel.

The Empusa Theatre
Founded by Calista Joyce, this theatre is dedicated to modern opera and contemporary art music.

Cabaret Tannhäuser
Managed by Gloria Excelsis, this Lower East Side cabaret hosts burlesque shows, fringe theater, and underground festivals.

The Hellfire Club
A dungeon in the Meatpacking District, the Hellfire Club features numerous themed rooms to serve the BDSM community.

The Satrina
A pleasure yacht based in Long Island, the Satrina is available for hedo cruises, floating fetish parties, and the occasional Sabbat function best conducted far away from shore.

A biker bar operated by Tzimisce caitiff and Tremere antitribu, this Sabbat dive serves as a gateway to the occult.

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