Descriptions for some of the more dangerous inhabitants of Deadlands 1876, whether red in tooth or claw or more spiritual in nature. In keeping with the nomenclature of the Deadlands milieu, such creatures are classified as abominations or more powerful manitous. This section is under development.


Hecesiiteihii (Cannibal Dwarves)
Known to the Arapahoe as the “hecesiiteihii” and to the Cheyenne as the “vo’estanehesano,” Cannibal Dwarves are nasty little creatures that can strip a fully-grown adult to his bones in a few short minutes. Believed to harbor the souls of an ancient race, the hecesiiteihii reproduce by possessing human children with their reincarnated spirits.

Kunenhráyenhnenh (Flying Head)
The Iroquois people scare their children with stories about monstrous heads that fly through the air or roll across the ground, such as the Tuscarora legend of the Kunenhráyenhnenh, or “Flying Head.”

The Heecho
A supernatural guardian summoned by powerful Mesoamerican sorcerers, the Heecho has roots in humanity’s earliest cultures. Often described as moiling purple smoke or a chaotic whirlwind, the Heecho attacks by “borrowing” the appendages of other beings.

Deep in the heart of the Great Maze they whisper stories about penanggalans, Vampiric demons from East Asia who prey upon infants and absorb the life from expectant mothers.

Plague Banshee
Some survivors of the Blue Plague eventually lost their mind; but stories of these unfortunates being somehow transformed into monstrous creatures are surely just modern ghost stories….?

Wínyan Núpa
Also known as the Winyan Nupa or the Anuk Ité, the Sioux and Cheyenne tell stories of these two-faced cannibals, terrible creatures who can paralyze a man and devour him piece by piece.


A lesser manitou, Ichtacayaretzi is one of the Centzon Huitznahua, the 400 evil children of Mixcoatl and Coatlique who were transformed into the southern stars after their hearts were devoured by their half-bother Huitzilopochtli.  [TBD]

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