Miscellaneous Bats and Bells

Here you will find a miscellany of dark goodies. Bloodlines, artifacts, mage ideas—anything I couldn’t fit anywhere else is crammed into the Belfry, all patiently watched over by Ziggy the Bat.

2018 Archive Note
I first began playing Vampire: The Masquerade in 1993, and ended my campaign in 2002. I no longer run a Vampire campaign, and New York by Night is essentially an archive of old material. Entries presented in “gray boldface” followed by a “Coming Soon” bracket will be restored after I’ve edited the old material. Entries presented in “black boldface” were never actually developed, and are unlikely to be expanded now. I’ve retained them because they help flesh out New York by Night, and may suggest ideas for other Storytellers to adapt for their own campaigns.

Rules & Systems

The Book of the Dead
This is the introduction I give to new players. It contains some basic philosophy and some alternative rules to the official White Wolf rules. [Coming Soon]


The Strigoi
A little-known branch of the Nosferatu, the Strigoi are Romanian monsters; a dying breed of vampire-witches bound by peasant superstition and feeding on the nightmares of children.

The Wissengeist
Considered by some to be a bloodline of the Toreador, the Wissengeist are a secretive group of humanistic vampires who believe that completing their Great Work will usher in a New Aeon of enlightened immortality.

The Lamiae
Succubus and muse, angel and demon, jealous wife and loving executioner, a Lamia feeds from the quintessence of her husband—a human artist bound to her in a ritual of sex and blood. [Coming Soon]

The Illyrians
A minor offshoot of the Malkavian Clan, the Illyrians are essentially Malkavians with the power to absorb the personalities of their victims—as if they needed something else to unbalance them.

Artifacts & Relics

The Knife of the Aqedah
The Aqedah dagger is the knife clutched by Abraham when God stayed his hand and stopped him from slaying his son Isaac. This page details the history and some of the strange powers of this Holy Relic.

The Rubies of Nod
Crystallized from the blood spilled by the first murder, these blood jewels are a potent elixir to the Kindred who knows how to unlock their powers.

Mage: The Ascension

Interview with Cyril Locke
A reporter for Streetwatch managed to catch up with Cyril Locke and get a rare interview with this London street mage, who claims to be the original inspiration for John Constantine. [Coming Soon]

The Treatment Discography
A discography for the Treatment, the band founded by Virtual Adept Templeton Cross. The Treatment serve as one of the major underground musical institutions in my World of Darkness, and sound something like a cross between Mercury Rev and Bevis Frond. [Coming Soon]

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