This is my Deadlands 1876 “Campaign” page. It holds various documents relating the the campaign setting and milieu.

This page introduces my Deadlands 1876 campaign, details some of the differences between my world and the published setting, and discusses some of the themes of the campaign.

This timeline details the “alternate Civil War history” of Deadlands 1876, and offers brief descriptions of the important events that shaped North America from 1861–1877.

The World
A few notes on some alterations to world history. [Under Development]

The Armistice
The document discusses the Armistice of 1874, and details the precarious political landscape of America’s Centennial.

Ghost Rock
Details about azrucite, also known as blue coal or ghost rock, the rare and mysterious mineral that has revolutionized nineteenth-century technology. [Under Development]

The Blue Plague
Notes on the Blue Plague of 1864–1870, the pandemic that killed over 1.2 million people and wiped out the Union’s great armies. [Under Development]

The Rail Wars
This provides the history of the railroad in Deadlands 1876, including Union Blue’s race to span the continent, the mysteries of Bayou Vermillion’s path to the Great Maze, and the bloody struggle to open up the minefields of Colorado.

Bibliography & Bookstore
An annotated bibliography of all the sources, resources, and influences used to create Deadlands 1876. For those interested in further exploration, most entries feature a link to, where you can help support this site by purchasing the actual book!

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