Being a Call of Cthulhu adventure for four to eight experienced players,
Set aboard a Kingsport whaleship in the Year of our Lord 1844, and
Detailing the strange adventures of the Quiddity, her crew, and
Her great & terrible captain,
Jeremiah Joab.

Welcome to White Leviathan!

Set onboard a Kingsport whaling ship from 1844–1846, this epic Call of Cthulhu campaign is inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. The players take on the roles of sailors, harpooneers, and stowaways onboard the good ship Quiddity, embarked on a nightmare voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Based on variation of the Dagon myth, this apocalyptic campaign is a long journey into collective madness. It culminates at a degenerate floating dystopia named Abaddon, where a looming crisis threatens the foundations of history itself.

I plan to add to this campaign piecemeal over the course of 2023-2024. Once White Leviathan is complete, I will compile the entire manuscript into a single PDF. It is my hope to have White Leviathan professionally published, whether through a Call of Cthulhu licensee, an independent RPG publisher, or even through Kickstarter. In the meantime, these pages may hopefully generate interest in the project. Even if the campaign won’t be ready to play until mid-2024, there’s plenty of material here to enliven any Call of Cthulhu campaign, including new spells and weapons, notes on grimoires, and unique game mechanics. Updates will be posted on Shipwreck Library’s What’s New? page. Additionally, “” now points to this “Title Page.” You can navigate using the “Table of Contents” below, or you can move linearly using the back/forward links at the bottom of each page.

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Author: A. Buell Ruch
Last Modified:
 10 May 2023
Email: quail (at) shipwrecklibrary (dot) com
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