This section holds profiles for various characters and NPCs found in Deadlands 1876. Feel free to use them, adapt them, or alter them to fit your own campaigns! This section is under development.

Lawmen & Outlaws

Belle Siddons
A former Confederate spy, Belle Siddons now goes by the name of “Lurline Monteverde.” A singer of serio-comic songs while onstage and a faro banker when off, Siddons is known as the “Queen of Deadwood.” She also moonlights as an underground medic for the Black Hill’s outlaw community.

Boone May
The West’s most famous “shotgun messenger,” some contend this lawman is faster on the trigger than Wild Bill Hickok in his prime. [TBD]

Buffalo Bill Cody
One of the most colorful characters to wander past the Mississippi, Buffalo Bill Cody is currently taking time away from his Wild West show to do some actual scouting for the 5th Cavalry. [TBD]

Calamity Jane
Born Martha Jane Cannary, “Calamity Jane” reels across the western territories in a drunken haze, leading a life nearly as vivid and bizarre as her many tall tales. [TBD]

Doc Holliday
Currently dealing faro in Cheyenne, this dissipated dentist is a dangerous outlaw with an acid wit and a lethal temper.

Wild Bill Hickok
Suffering from glaucoma and haunted by his failures as a lawman, the West’s most famous gunslinger is currently drowning his ghosts in Cheyenne whiskey.


George Crook
Considered the greatest Indian fighter in the U.S. Army, the “Gray Fox” is the Union’s best hope to pacify the hostile Sioux and open the Black Hills for exploitation. [TBD]

George Armstrong Custer
The commander of the 7th Cavalry, this flamboyant general is about to experience the ultimate test of his mythical “Custer’s Luck.” [TBD]

Ranald “Bad Hand” Mackenzie
Known as the “Hero of College Hill,” General Mackenzie has been called into the Western theater to fight the Sioux—if he can retain his fragile grip on sanity. [TBD]

Nelson Miles
Considered an “outsider” by the West Point elite, this former clerk has risen to be one of the Union’s most ruthless and effective generals. [TBD]

Fenton Wheeler
Having earned the nickname the “Beast of Philadelphia” for his draconian hand over Occupied Pennsylvania, Colonel Wheeler is among the most loathed officers in the Confederate Army. [TBD]


Crazy Horse
A former shirt-wearer of the Oglala Sioux, Tȟašúŋke Witkó is the most successful war chief to marshal his forces against the Union Army. [TBD]

Wínyan Núpa
Named after the two-faced cannibal ogress of Sioux legend, this ancient sorceress extends her life through bloody rituals of consensual possession. She is one of the most powerful members of the Black Ghost Nation.

Sitting Bull
A chief of the Hunkpapa Sioux, Tȟatȟáŋka Íyotake has emerged as the center of Lakota resistance to the Union’s expansion into the Dakota and Montana Territories. [TBD]

Snake Biting Hawk
Once a Sans Arc Sioux named Burning Arrow, Chief Snake Biting Hawk is the prophet who leads the Black Ghost Nation, an alliance of “untribed” Indians known as the Shikshichela. [TBD]

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