Overview of Kindred New York
A description of 1999 New York City, with a description of its territories broken down by geographical region and areas of Kindred control.

The Camarilla
A brief history of the Camarilla in New York, including the decadent Prince, his scheming Primogen Council, and the various plots set in motion to overthrow them.

Clan Ventrue
Ruling the city from their towers in the Financial District, the Ventrue are considered by many to be the true power in New York.

Clan Toreador
An outline of noble Toreador in the City, and a description of their sunken cathedral, the Santa de Luzarches.

Clan Nosferatu
Dwelling deep in the subway tunnels and sewers, this secretive clan is presided over by their great philosopher-king, Radu Ionesco.

Clan Malkavia
Strung out across the Big Apple, these Malkavians enjoy a good cup of coffee.

The Sabbat
A brief description of Gotham’s Sabbat and its key members.

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