Beyond the Mountains of Madness

These resources are designed for the Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign, written by Charles and Janyce Engan and published in 1999 by Chaosium. My favorite Call of Cthulhu scenarioI ran this epic campaign from 2007-2008.

Campaign Expansions

Campaign Notes
Fifteen pages of variations, alterations, and expansions for Beyond the Mountains of Madness. You want to interview some insane former explorers? How about a trip to Arkham Sanitarium? Feel that Professor Pabodie needs to be creepier, and that flophouse murder a touch more grisly? How about a ready-made Panamanian death cult for you pleasure? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And—introducing the Gedney Thing!

The S.S. Gabrielle
This is a revised description of the S.S. Gabrielle, expanded with colorful details about daily shipboard life. It is intended to enhance pages 68–74 of the original campaign book.

The Relic: Exploring the Wallaroo
This is a significantly expanded version of the Wallaroo, the derelict whaling ship the investigators explore in Chapter 6. Building on the original campaign notes and inspired by The Thing, I have made the frozen factory ship even more horrible to visit! It is intended to enhance pages 107–109 of the original campaign book.

The Cthulhu Tupilak
Created by the “degenerate Esquimaux” and recorded by Professor Webb in The Call of Cthulhu, this Inuit tupilak would be delighted to fall into the hands of any capable investigator willing to dance under the blood aurora!


Rosters, Letters, and Tables
This page holds numerous PDFs of various materials found in Beyond the Mountains of Madness. They are intended to be used as handouts or reference sheets, and several of them contain expansions or alterations.

External Resources

The following Web sites may be useful to anyone running a Beyond the Mountains of Madness campaign.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
A PDF of the out-of-print campaign book may be purchased directly from Chaosium for $20.

Wikidot Campaign: Starkweather-Moore Expedition
This group has a nice site, with many of the illustrations and handouts from the campaign text excerpted, some with additional images.

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