As befits its name, Shipwreck Library is a sprawling site, an eclectic labyrinth devoted to literature, film, music, and gaming. Featuring several thematically-grouped sub-sites, Shipwreck Library is divided into two major sections:

The Modern Word

Founded in in 1995 to explore and celebrate “difficult” works of twentieth-century literature, The Modern Word ran until about 2005. After a ten-year hiatus, I’ve been restoring, revising, and updating its content here at Shipwreck Library. I have been generously assisted by many wonderful writers and editors, both old hands and fresh faces. The following sites are now live:

James Joyce: The Brazen Head
The Brazen Head is dedicated to the life and works of James Joyce.

Jorge Luis Borges: The Garden of Forking Paths
The Garden of Forking Paths is the oldest English-language Borges site on the Web.

Thomas Pynchon: Spermatikos Logos
Spermatikos Logos is dedicated to exploring the works of Thomas Pynchon.

This page collects book and film reviews written for The Modern Word.

In 2023 I hope to restore Apmonia, the Samuel Beckett site.

Gaming Sites

Shipwreck Library also hosts the material I have written for various roleplaying games:

Deadlands 1876
Set in the American Centennial, this “Weird West” game blends elements of alternate history, horror,  and steampunk.

Vampire: The Masquerade
Originally online as “New York by Night,” this fin de siècle campaign was online from 1995–2006.

Call of Cthulhu
A collection of material and campaign modifications for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu, set in the fictional worlds of H.P. Lovecraft.

White Leviathan
Set onboard a Kingsport whaling ship from 1844–1846, this epic Call of Cthulhu campaign is inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. This project will likely occupy most of my creative energies for 2022-2023, and is being added piecemeal to Shipwreck Library in hope of eventual publication.

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