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Borges Articles

There are hundreds of articles about Borges on the Web. This page makes no efforts to be comprehensive, but offers links to a few of the more useful or interesting pieces. Academic papers about Borges and interviews with Borges are located on separate pages. The articles are listed in chronological order.

Borges at M.I.T.
By Roy Lisker.
13 April 1980, Ferment magazine.
A withering look at the academic circus surrounding Borges during an open panel discussion at M.I.T.

The Parallels! Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges
By John Barth.
4 April 1997, Centre for Book Culture.
Novelist John Barth compares Jorge Luis Borges and Italo Calvino.

The Library of Babel
By Dominic Gates.
October 1997, PreText.
How Borges prefigured digital libraries and the Web.

The Library of Infinity is Opening Near You
By William Hoffman.
18 January 1999, The Doric Column.
Borges and the information age.

Webmaster Borges
By Douglas Wolk.
6 December 1999, Salon.com.
Salon wryly contends that Borges’ biggest inspiration was in fact the Internet, invented years after his death.

Lost in the Labyrinth
By ChaseMadar.
14 December 1999, Feed.
This catty essay states that Borges is overrated, and attacks Borges scholarship as an empty pursuit.

The Librarian of Babel: The Gnostic Imagination of Jorge Luis Borges
By Robert Royal.
Jan/Feb 2001, Christianity Today.
This article discusses the development of gnostic themes in Borges’ writing. [Requires a membership fee.]

A Subaltern Horror
By Garrett Rowlan.
October 2002, The Modern Word.
The endless stacks of UCLA’s nine libraries are the catalyst for this reflective piece on Borges’ hexagonal library and its relationship to all great libraries.

Yo, Judío
By Ilan Stavans
Winter 2008, Jewish Quarterly.
An examination of Jewish identity and Borges.

Forgotten but Not Gone
By Eric Benson
1 July 1 2011, Guernica.
On the fiftieth anniversary of Borges’s first visit to Texas, Eric Benson travels to Texas and talks with Carter Wheelock.

Translating Borges
By Alberto Manguel.
9 April 2012, Biblioasis International Translation Blog.
Writer, translator, and former Borges reader Alberto Manguel discusses the challenges of translating Borges.

The Missing Borges
By Graciela Mochkofsky.
16 April 2014,The Paris Review.
A strange tale of bibliomania, theft, and a rare first edition of Fervor de Buenos Aires.

Jorge Luis Borges and the South
By Madeleine Byrne.
2015 May 1.
Byrne writes about Borges’ final two decades.

Amigas, cómplices, amantes y admiradoras: las mujeres de Borges
By Milena Heinrich.
2016 June 13, Télam.
Heinrich writes about Borges relationships with Elsa Astete Millán, Silvina Ocampo, and María Kodama. [Spanish]

Were Libraries Borges’s Universe or the Other Way Around?
Conversation with Rodrigo Fresan and Rodrigo Rey.
2019 May 7, PEN.
A conversation between Fresan and Rey that took place on as part of the PEN World Voices Festival in New York City.

What I Lost When I Translated Jorge Luis Borges
By Andrew Hurley.
2019 February 1, Inverse Journal.
Borges translator Andrew Hurley discusses the challenges he faced while translating Collected Fictions.

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