A list of unique spells, hexes, and pow-wows found in Deadlands 1876. It is still under development.

Bad Powder Medicine
This expensive Power gives Shamans the ability to neutralize technology such as gunpowder, electricity, and steam.

Broken Bone Sun
One of the most powerful spells known to the ancients, this Power grants the caster limited control over time. [TBD]

Call Weather
This Power lets the caster alter the weather, and even call down lightning bolts from the stormy heavens.

Implant Suggestion
Using this Power, a caster may control the will of his target, even conditioning him over many days to perform the caster’s bidding.

This Power allows the caster to wipe a target’s mind of recent events, or even erase selective memories.

Walk the Ghost Roads
This Power opens the ancient Anasazi “Ghost Roads,” allowing the caster to travel great distances by passing through the mystical Third World. It also includes the “Ritual of the Black Sipapu,” which allows a Walker to create a temporary gateway through time and space.

Wilderness Ally
This Power lets the caster guide his people quickly, peacefully, and stealthily through the wilderness.

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