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During its first incarnation from 1996–2009, the Brazen Head included links to every Joyce-related paper it could find. Today, sites such as JSTOR make this both impossible and unnecessary. This section of the Brazen Head is now dedicated to hosting Joyce-related papers and essays; although a few “legacy” links have been included. The collection has been organized alphabetically by author. If you would like the Brazen Head to host a Joyce-related paper or essay, please read our “submission guidelines” at the bottom of the page.


French Feminists and Anglo-Irish Modernists: Cixous, Kristeva, Beckett and Joyce
Birkett, Jennifer
A look at the work of Joyce and Beckett through the lens of French feminism. A revision of a lecture delivered at the University of Zaragoza in 1997.

Joyce’s Bad Words
Conley, Tim
A frank discussion of Joycean swearing, its evolution, and the meaning behind Mr. Joyce’s “Ibscenest” language.

His Cheeks Were Aflame: Masturbation, Sexual Frustration and Artistic Failure in Joyce’s Portrait of Stephen Dedalus
Hill, Sylvie
This paper explores the intersection of Stephen’s sexuality, specifically his masturbation, with his art. It attempts to prove that while sexual frustration was once conducive to his artistic production, it no longer motivates or inspires good writing by Ulysses. [PDF]

James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music
Klein, Scott W.
An excellent discussion of Joycean influences on Cage, Boulez, Berio, and others. Online at Ireland’s Contemporary Music Centre.

Pierre Menard, Author of Ulysses
Klein, Scott W.
Is Ulysses dated? Presented at the 17th Joyce Symposium, this paper argues for a Borgesian revaluation of Ulysses as a Modernist work.

Searching for Cyberspace: Joyce, Borges and Pynchon
O’Dwyer, Davin.
Davin O’Dwyer as Dublin-based writer and editor who has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Irish Times. In “Searching for Cyberspace,” O’Dwyer examines how the Internet is anticipated or prefigured in the works of Borges, James Joyce, and Thomas Pynchon. [PDF]

The Anxious Narrator of “Oxen of the Sun”
Schawber, Paul
Pychoanalyst Paul Schwaber examines how the phenomenon of birth affects the “male-gendered” narrator of “Oxen of the Sun.” Presented at the 17th International Joyce Symposium.

The Hieroglyphs of Engined Egypsians: Machines, Media and Modes of Communication in Finnegans Wake
Theall, Donald
Originally published in the 1991 Joyce Studies Annual, Theall gave the Brazen Head permission to host this venerable paper after it vanished from Trent University. Since then, it’s been placed on JSTOR, but you can still read it here for free.

Joyce’s Dubliners as Epiphanies
Valente, Francesca
This paper used to live on the Marshal McLuhan Studies site; but after that went down, it was relocated to the Brazen Head.

Understanding the (Net) Wake
Weiss, D.B.
This paper, a dissertation in philosophy from Trinity, uses Douglas Hofstadter, Umberto Eco and Marshall McLuhan to focus on Finnegans Wake as a “network.” In his rambling and humorous approach to the text, Weiss invokes everything from Buddhism to quantum physics, and makes some wonderful insights along the way. [The author of Lucky Wander Boy, Weiss later became a writer for HBO’s Game of Thrones. The Brazen Head has hosted this paper since 2000.]


Joyce’s Hero Mythicized: Charles Stewart Parnell
Arndt, Melanie
Arndt’s informative essay outlines the life of Parnell and discusses his impact in Joyce’s fiction.

The Dedalus Factor: Einstein’s Science and Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist
Clark, Rev. Timothy D.
This essay explores the relationship between Relativity and Joycean narrative.

Colligan, Mimi
Mimi Collegian looks at three songs prominently featured in Ulysses, and discusses the popular impact of opera in Joyce’s Dublin.

With an Ancient Greek Gloss On It
Godfrey, Michael
This paper discusses the use of Greek mythology, language, and themes in Finnegans Wake.

Musical Joyce
Harvey, Philip
Given during the Melbourne 1998 Bloomsday, Harvey’s speech looks at the impact of music in the works of Joyce.

“The Sisters” and the Case of the Broken Chalice
Steinberg, Faith
This essay explores “The Sisters” in light of a question asked by Adeline Glasheen: “What about Father Flynn…who was up to something funny with a chalice and a little boy?”

An Analysis of the Use of Musical Allusions in James Joyce’s Dubliners
Warren, Lindsey
An extended essay on Joyce’s use of lyric and song in Dubliners.

Giordano Bruno’s Last Meal in Finnegans Wake
Wilder, Thornton
Originally published in the 1963 Hudson Review, this essay by playwright Thornton Wilder looks at the trial and execution of Giordano Bruno as it appears in Finnegans Wake.

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Submission Guidelines

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