“Do you know why I stopped being Delight, my Brother? I do. There are things not in your book. There are paths outside this garden. You would do well to remember that.”
—Delirium to Destiny, from Neil Gaiman’s “Brief Lives.”

Clan Malkavia

Welcome to the Malkavian Clan Page! This page gathers together information—and disinformation—about the Malkavian Clan in New York City. But first a few words: I am not responsible for any of Spinning Jenny’s commentaries, and I have no idea who this Great Quail fellow is. So kiss your sense of reality goodbye and enjoy the ride!

2017 Archive Note
I first began playing Vampire: The Masquerade in 1993, and ended my campaign in 2002. I no longer run a Vampire campaign, and New York by Night is essentially an archive of old material. Entries presented in “gray boldface” followed by a “Coming Soon” bracket will be restored after I’ve edited the old material. Entries presented in “black boldface” were never actually developed, and are unlikely to be expanded now. I’ve retained them because they help flesh out New York by Night, and may suggest ideas for other Storytellers to adapt for their own campaigns.

Clan Background

Malkavians in the Big Apple
A brief history of the Malkavians in NYC and an explanation of their sad political situation. [Coming Soon]

Santa de Luzarches
The Toreador’s subterranean cathedral is also home to several Malkavians, and features an ongoing art installation known as the Chapel of Heraclitus. Details may be found on this page, located in the Toreador section.


Clan Malkavia
A loose confederation of visionaries and madmen, these Malkavians still consider themselves part of the outlawed clan.

The Kaffee Klatsch
Lead by Spinning Jenny and Saint Wanda, this group meets in the safety of a Village coffeehouse and studiously avoids the eye of the Prince. [Coming Soon]

Toreador Malkavians
Two Malkavians are listed elsewhere in New York by Night, because they don’t actually know they are Malkavians! Currently, both reside in Santa de Luzarches with the Toreador.

Luther Governor Bates III
A consummate forgery artist, Luther is convinced he’s a Toreador—or at least, until he transforms into a Ventrue. (Luther is found on the Toreador “Cathedral Coterie” Page.)

Ashley in Crimson
The progeny of Luther Bates, this unfortunate poseur has no clue she’s utterly talentless and not even a Toreador. (Ashley is also found on the Toreador “Cathedral Coterie” Page.)

Malkavian Anarchs
Unafraid of the Prince, these Malkavians are less whimsical than the Kaffee Klatsch, and represent an amoral collection of independents and isolatoes.

Sean Ó Conaill
Sean is a cold hearted IRA terrorist who has almost lost his soul to the corrosive acid of the Beast. [Coming Soon]

Dr. Emily Fagin-Glass
A wealthy psychologist, Dr. Fagin-Glass practices her profession by night, using her patients as experimental subjects to test her unique theories. Despite a high rate of injury, death, and insanity, her patients are always strangely willing to participate.

Dr. Wolfgang Glass
A renowned plastic surgeon, Emily’s husband has a certain amoral passion for his work. Found in New York only during the equinoxes, Dr. Glass maintains two polar clinics—one in Svalbard and one in Argentina—where he plies his trade during the long dark of the solstice months.

Embraced as his B-17 plummeted to the earth over Schweinfurt, Tailgunner is not convinced he’s dead, and believes he’s experiencing an extended, “Owl Creek” hallucination from which he’ll awake shortly before impact.

Alexander Sark
Alexander “Just call me Cutty” Sark is a failed medical student, a psychotic killer, a part-time member of the Sabbat, and an otherwise charming fellow who looks and acts a lot like Jack Nicholson. He insists he was Embraced by Dean Moriarty in the 1950s—“No, not fucking Neal Cassady. His fictional doppelgänger.”

An Apollo astronaut, Jack claims that he was Embraced by a strange “Visitor” while in orbit above the dark side of the moon, and his only goal is to return and properly finish his “Becoming.”

The Great Quail
The ghoul formerly known as Shaun the Postman, this delusional Irish-American writer was tapped to curate the Toreador’s “Saint Finnegan of the Wake” installation. Embraced by Luther Bates in 1999, The Quail is the author of some truly terrible vampire fiction, and is dedicated to exposing the Masquerade through a series of web sites he calls “New Yok by Night.”

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