Deadlands Rail

The railroad is an important part of the Deadlands universe, and this page gathers together material on using the iron horse in the Weird West.

The Rail Wars
A detailed history of the railroad in Deadlands 1876, including Union Blue’s race to span the continent, the mysteries of Bayou Vermillion’s path to the Great Maze, and the bloody struggle to open up the minefields of Colorado.

Train Rules
Because who doesn’t want to fight on top of a moving train? Everybody does! And now it’s easier than ever with this handy-dandy set of Savage World game mechanics.

The Leviathan Centennial Express
What’s cooler than having a train as a home base for your player characters? Created for a secret, transcontinental mission, the Centennial Express is a luxury passenger train designed for use in Deadlands games. It is pulled by the Leviathan, a fearsome locomotive burning a ghost rock hybrid. [Coming Soon]

Train Crews
Descriptions of the members of a train’s crew and staff, including the engineer, conductor, fireman, brakeman, chef, and porter. Also includes profiles for NPCs to fill these roles. [Coming Soon]

NPC Passengers
Used in my own campaign, these NPC profiles offer colorful supporting characters to occupy the sleeping cars of a transcontinental journey. [Coming Soon]

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