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Jorge Luis Borges: Criticism

The following section collects Borges-related literary criticism and biography that has been written or translated into English. The Borges Criticism section is divided into six parts, as described below.  If you have any question about where a particular volume has been located, check the “Quick Reference Card” after the following links.

Borges Criticism

Biography — Borges biography and memoir.

General Criticism 1 — General literary criticism and commentary written during Borges’ life, 1965–1986.

General Criticism 2 — General literary criticism and commentary written from 1987 to the present.

Comparative Criticism — Borges criticism with a strong political, cultural, or linguistic component, including postcolonial criticism, genre studies, and author comparisons.

Religious & Esoteric Criticism — Borges criticism from a religious, metaphysical, or philosophical perspective.

Scientific Criticism — Borges criticism within the disciplines of science, mathematics, and technology.

Quick Reference Card

Bioy Casares, Adolfo. Borges.
di Giovanni, Norman Thomas. Georgie and Elsa: Jorge Luis Borges and His Wife: The Untold Story
Lennon, Adrian. Hispanics of Achievement: Jorge Luis Borges.
Manguel, Alberto. Con Borges/With Borges.
Monegal, Emir Rodríguez. Jorge Luis Borges: A Literary Biography.
Williamson, Edwin. Borges: A Life.
Woodall, James. The Man in the Mirror of the Book/Borges: A Life.

General Criticism 1965-1986
Alazraki, Jaime. Jorge Luis Borges.
Balderston, Daniel. The Literary Universe of Jorge Luis Borges: An Index to References and Allusions to Persons, Titles, and Places in his Writings.
Barrenechea, Ana María. Borges, the Labyrinth Maker.
Bell-Villada, Gene H. Borges and His Fiction: A Guide to His Mind and Art.
Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views: Jorge Luis Borges.
Christ, Ronald. The Narrow Act: Borges’ Art of Allusion.
Cortínez, Carlos. Simply a Man of Letters.
Cortínez, Carlos. Borges the Poet.
Dunham, Lowell, and Ivar Ivask. The Cardinal Points of Borges.
Kinzie, Mary and Charles Newman. Prose for Borges.
McMurray, George R. Jorge Luis Borges.
Molloy, Sylvia. Las letras de Borges/Signs of Borges.
Shaw, Donald. Critical Guides to Spanish & Latin American Texts: Borges: Ficciones
Stabb, Martin S. Jorges Luis Borges.
Sturrock, John. Paper Tigers: The Ideal Fictions of Jorge Luis Borges.
Wheelock, Carter. The Mythmaker: A Study of Motif and Symbol in the Short Stories of Jorge Luis Borges
Yates, Donald A. Jorge Luis Borges: Life, Work, and Criticism

General Criticism 1987-Present
Andrade, Max Ubelaker. Borges Beyond the Visible
Agheana, Ion T. The Meaning of Experience in the Prose of Jorge Luis Borges.
Balderston, Daniel. Out of Context: Historical Reference and the Representation of Reality in Borges.
Bloom, Harold. Major Short Story Writers: Jorge Luis Borges.
Bloom, Harold. BioCritiques: Jorge Luis Borges.
Boldy, Steven. A Companion to Jorge Luis Borges.
Cheselka, Paul. The Poetry and Poetics of Jorge Luis Borges.
Fiddian, Robin. Jorge Luis Borges in Context
Fishburn, Evelyn & Psiche Hughes. A Dictionary of Borges.
Friedman, Mary Lusky. The Emperor’s Kites: A Morphology of Borges’s Tales.
Isbister, Rob & Peter Standish. A Concordance to the Works of Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986).
Sarlo, Beatriz. Jorge Luis Borges: the Writer on the Edge.
Stabb, Martin S. Borges Revisited.
Williamson, Edwin. Cambridge Companion to Jorge Luis Borges.

Comparative Criticism
Aizenberg, Edna. Borges and His Successors: The Borgesian Impact on Literature and the Arts.
Aizenberg, Edna. Books and Bombs in Buenos Aires: Borges, Gerchunoff, and Argentine-Jewish Writing.
Cozrinsky, Edgardo. Borges In/And/On Film.
Dabove, Juan Pablo. Bandit Narratives in Latin America.
Fiddian, Robin. Postcolonial Borges: Argument and Artistry.
González, José Eduardo. Borges and the Politics of Form.
Irwin, John T. The Mystery to a Solution: Poe, Borges, and the Analytic Detective Story.
Jansen, Laura. Borges’ Classics: Global Encounters with the Graeco-Roman Past.
Maier, Linda S. Borges and the European Avant-Garde.
Rodríguez-Luis, Julio. The Contemporary Praxis of the Fantastic: Borges and Cortázar.
Toswell, M.J. Borges the Unacknowledged Medievalist: Old English and Old Norse in His Life and Work.

Religious & Metaphysical Criticism
Aizenberg, Edna. The Aleph Weaver.
Alazraki, Jaime. Borges and the Kabbalah: And Other Essays on his Fiction and Poetry.
Bossart, William H. Borges and Philosophy: Self, Time, and Metaphysics.
Crossan, John Dominic. Raid on the Articulate: Comic Eschatology in Jesus and Borges.
de Garayalde, Giovanna. Jorge Luis Borges: Sources and Illuminations.
Jaén, Didier T. Borges’ Esoteric Library.
Lima, Robert. Borges and the Esoteric.

Scientific Criticism
Callus, Ivan. Cy-Borges: Memories of the Posthuman in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges.
Lapidot, Ema. Borges and Artificial Intelligence: An Analysis in the Style of Pierre Menard.
Merrell, Floyd. Unthinking Thinking: Jorge Luis Borges, Mathematics and the New Physics.
Quiroga, Rodrigo. Borges and Memory: Encounters with the Human Brain.

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