Gotham Sabbat


Black blood upon the altar! and the rustle of angel
wings above!
Black blood of the sweet fruit, the bruised, the
violated bloom—that setteth the Wheel a-spinning
in the spire.
Death is the veil of Life, and Life of Death; for both
are Gods.
This is that which is written: “A feast for Life, and
a greater feast for Death!” in THE BOOK OF
The blood is the life of the individual: offer that

—Aleister Crowley, The Book of Lies


Sabbat Hierarchy
An explanation of the Sabbat hierarchy in the Northern Colonies, along with variations to the official White Wolf milieu.

Sabbat Leadership
Describes the Sabbat leadership relative to New York By Night, including the luminaries of La Catedral Envuelta, the Sabbat’s arcane cathedral; the Latrocinium Council governing the Northern Colonies; and the Gotham Syncelli that advises the Archbishop of New York. This page features some of the strangest—and most powerful—Cainites of the Sabbat.

Selected New York Covens


Sarnath Coven
Nominally led by Malachi Voordebrax, his position as Archbishop occupies most of his time, so his Manhattan coven is effectively run by his ductus, Spiral. The coven is based in Sarnath, the sprawling nightclub built in the remains of a nineteenth-century church.

Known as “The Church of Starry Wisdom,” Sarnath is the decadent nightclub owned and operated by the Gotham Sabbat.

Black Light Coffee Menu
This “secret menu” is served at Sarnath, and contains wickedly-spiked concoctions based on Lovecraftian themes.

Byzantium Coven
Centered on Byzantium, a sex club located on the Upper East side, this coven is led by Venus and Orchid, and caters to the more carnal aspects of the sinful sect.

The Lupanaria
Details on the Byzantium Coven’s network of brothels and meat-markets, including Club Byzantium, Viriconium, Siddim, the Hippodrome, Zoara Bela, Cabaret Tannhäuser, the Empusa Theatre, the Hellfire Club, and the pleasure yacht Satrina.

Venus and Orchid
A complete profile and history of Venus and Orchid, the Sabbat’s resident sex goddess. [TBD]


Green-Wood Coven
Located around the sprawl of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery and Industry City, Bishop Pynchon’s coven remains trapped between the Prince’s domain to the north and the Anarchs to the south. Nevertheless, the coven represents an important foothold in Brooklyn, and features some of the most dedicated, mysterious, and eccentric Cainites of the sect. But that’s Brooklyn, right?


Smugglers Pack
In charge of LaGuardia Airport, the northern shoreline, and the many expressways that cross the borough, Bishop Mercer’s coven has the tremendous responsibility of keeping the Sabbat mobile and connected. Centered in an abandoned cement factory along the College Point waterfront, the Smugglers Pack is known for its pragmatism.

The Bronx

N.O.X. Coven & The Crow Magnum MC
Of all the boroughs in the city, the Bronx is the most chaotic, boasting a mixture of Anarchs, caitiff, Pander, and the largest clan of Setites in New York. The Sabbat are represented by the N.O.X. Coven and the Crow Magnum MC, an outlaw motorcycle gang presided over by Bishop Virgil Crowley, the Brujah “Satanic Mechanic.”

Virgil Crowley
A complete profile and history of Virgil Crowley, the leader of the Crow Magnum MC. [TBD]

The Widow Lynch
A complete profile and history of Rose “Scary Mary” Lynch, the oracle of the Crow Magnum MC.

Staten Island

Coven of the Alabaster Madonna
Led by Dame Lucy Astaroth, this beleaguered coven is based from Saint Mary the Virgin, an abandoned church located near Lemon Creek Park. Locked in a never-ending battle against Midori’s Camarilla forces, Alabaster Madonna is a strikingly diverse coven well-versed in the arcane arts.

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