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This page offers links to some friendly, helpful, or associated sites. Specific Web sites used for information and material are listed elsewhere, under “Notes and Sources” on the pages where they are most relevant.

Friends & Associates

Dead Pan
The blog of novelist Michael Cisco, one of the most distinctive voices in weird fiction and modern horror: “I am interested in confusion.”

Borne Central
The homepage of Jeff VanderMeer, a leading light in modern fantasy and science fiction.

Brooklyn Game Lab
Located in Park Slope, this wonderful gaming store runs day camps and hosts adult gaming nights. I just had my ass handed to me in Scythe, so it’s back to King of Tokyo, I suppose…

Dead City Library
An exploration of weird fiction by Professor Björn Quiring of Berlin.

Imrryr, The Dreaming City
Run by Allan T. Grohe, this site details his long-running AD&D campaign world, and is home of “Nomads of the Time Stream,” the international Michael Moorcock fan society.

Jeff Turick
Professional photographer, adventurer, and hardcore prog fan.

Kelly Ohannessian
Board-game designer and game reviewer, Kelly Ohannessian’s site specializes in VR technology and games.

LJ Lindhurst
This Brooklyn-based artist recently completed a series of Civil War portraits.

Mad Things
Scary Mary’s blog features a plethora of pleasures, from politics to playlists to poker, as well as many lovely photographs of lonely gravestones.

Tim Hutchings Makes Games
The homepage for Tim Hutchings, author of Thousand Year Old Vampire and many other inventive games.

Tom Kurzanski
The homepage of artist and illustrator Tom Kurzanski.


Arts & Literature Daily
One of the oldest literature sites on the Web.

Cafe Irreal
This literary site has been running since 1998, and offers selections devoted to surreal and postmodern fiction.
Run by the indomitable Tim Ware, this site features wikis for all of Pynchon’s novels.

Small Beer Press
As they say…“words matter.”

General RPGs

An excellent source of gaming material, mostly downloadable as PDFs.

Goblin Gaming
A British outfit that supplies RPG materials online, Goblin Gaming has large catalogue and very friendly people.

Deadlands Resources

Deadlands at Pinnacle
The official Deadlands page at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

Historical Indulgences
This blog is a “collection of vernacular photography and ephemera focused mainly within the curious and often misunderstood realm of 19th century America.”

Lost to Sight
This blog collects stories from Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, and is a treasure trove of shipwrecks, suicides, failed inventors, and general nineteenth-century weirdness.

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend
A blog devoted to finding the sexiest nineteenth century beards: “Where early photographs meet extreme hotness.”

Victoria’s Rusty Knickers
A charming blog dedicated to shining a light on Victorian oddities.

Call of Cthulhu & Lovecraft Resources

Arkham House Publishing
Yes, of course.

H.P. Lovecraft Archive
Donovan Louck’s excellent site features online versions of Lovecraft’s stories, and comptehensive notes about Lovecraft criticism.

H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society
Need some fantastic Lovecraft props? The HPLHS has been producing newspapers, fonts, statues, relics, redisplays, and movies for years. You deserve a Professor Angell box, don’t you?

Held every two years in Providence, this conference is my biennial August highlight!

Necronomicon Press
Where else will you get your esoteric chapbooks?

Unbound Publishing
Very good third-party Call of Cthulhu scenarios.

Inspirations and Thanks

Nurse With Wound
I am refraining from filling this page with “cool stuff I like,” but since “Shipwreck Library” was inspired by Steven Stapleton’s wonderful Shipwreck Radio project, a link seems in order!

A design company in Brooklyn, OYG helped me out with The Modern Word back in the day.
This gaming collective kindly hosted my very first Web page—Sarnath—back in the 1990s, and helped give the Libyrith and New York By Night a start.

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