Deadlands 1876
Organizations & Groups

This page details some of the more important organizations, groups, secret societies, and militias that shape the politics and culture of Deadlands 1876. 


Agencies, Militias, & Secret Societies
From my own take on the official “Agency” of Deadlands Reloaded to various Mormon splinter groups, from John Brown’s Army to the Richmond Secret Police, this page features over a dozen organizations you would generally like to avoid running afoul of!

Union & Confederate

The Algonquin Commune
A quasi-independent state located just north of New York City, the Algonquin Commune is dedicated to socialist ideals, and is guided by First Citizen Victoria Woodhull and First Citizen Joshua Chamberlain. [TBD]

The 7th Cavalry
Some general notes on the United States Cavalry, that glorious extension of American imperialism in the West; and General Custer’s ill-starred 7th Regiment in particular.


The Sioux Nation
Because my personal campaign places the Regulators at Little Bighorn and spends a good deal of time within lands controlled by the Sioux, the Lakota people play an important role in Deadlands 1876. This document offers notes on the Lakota language, outlines the history and organizational structure of the Sioux tribes, and summarizes the various conflicts between the Sioux and Union forces. It also details Sitting Bull’s struggle against the U.S. government and traces the events leading up to Little Bighorn and the declaration of the Sioux Nation.

Sioux War Societies
Mostly cribbed from the pages of history, this document features the colorful “war societies” that help organize Lakota culture.

The Black Ghost Nation
A history of the aggressive Black Ghost Nation, my own version of the Deadlands evil “Raven Cult.”

Black Ghost Nation Societies
From the venemous Rattlesnake Veterans to the all-female Skull Dancers, this list of war societies represents the elite forces of the sinister Black Ghost Nation.


La Corona del Sexto Sol
Because every large-scale campaign needs some heavies, right? “The Crown of the Sixth Sun” is a death-cult based in the Yucatán Peninsula, drawn from disaffected Mexican revolutionaries, failed Confederates, power-mad Yankees, and hostile Indians looking to resurrect the Old Ways of pre-Columbian America. The most dangerous adversaries on the Western Hemisphere, La Corona have been able to invest the Yucatán Deadlands with a fearsome amount of power. [TBD]

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