There are many ways to travel in the Weird West, and this page collects notes, descriptions, and game mechanics for various modes of transportation ranging from horses to airships. Feel free to use them, adapt them, or alter them to fit your own campaigns! This section is under development.


A set of rules for traveling across the Great American Desert by horseback, drawn from actual contemporary pioneer guides. [TBD]

Although this specifically describes the history of the Deadwood Stage, it may be used for any contemporary stagecoach line. It offers a description of the West’s famous Concord coach; describes the risks of traveling by coach; provides generic statistics for drivers, shotgun messengers, and road agents; and suggests game mechanics for conducting combat while rolling along at 10 mph!

This section details the railroads of Deadlands 1876. It outlines the history of the Rail Wars, suggests game mechanics for conducting combat on a moving train, and details the Leviathan and the “Centennial Special,” a locomotive and train designed for use in Deadlands role-playing scenarios.


Some notes on the ironclads that patrol the rivers, lakes, and coasts of the Union and the CSA. [TBD]

Submersible Ironclads
At the cutting edge of navy engineering, these remarkable ironclads can submerge themselves underwater and attack from the depths! [TBD]


Notes and description of airships, from the packetships of Wells Fargo to the  fearsome dreadnoughts that patrol the skies above Boston and Richmond. [TBD]

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