The Threshold

The following pages explain the purpose of New York By Night,Vampire: The Masquerade, and role-playing in general. Of all the material on New York by Night, these pages are the most…ah, mid-1990s. The Links page, however, has been updated and modernized.

Welcome to New York By Night
A general introduction to New York by Night. Like…the actual Web site, not the content. Includes some vintage tech references!

Because every Web site had to have a “Frequently Asked Questions” page, right?

World of Darkness
An explanation of White Wolf’s “World of Darkness” gaming milieu. And also, because it was the mid-1990s, I also felt the need to explain role-playing games in general! Sigh…back in the day when geek culture was underground, like a gently phosphorescent mushroom.

Campaign Notes
A history of my actual campaign’s plot, some major events that occurred, notes on a few game scenarios, and profiles of the player characters from 1993–2002.

A page of online resources for White Wolf’s “World of Darkness,” with some interesting Vampire campaign settings.

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