Companions to Published Scenarios

These materials are meant to supplement, expand, or hopelessly mutate existing Call of Cthulhu scenarios.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness
Resources to help Keepers add some extra color to the Starkweather-Moore Expedition. Includes campaign notes and suggestions, a more detailed S.S. Gabrielle, an expanded encounter on the derelict Wallaroo, and some alternative handouts.

Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37
A significant expansion of this excellent “monograph” set in Stalin’s Russia. [TBD]

Original Scenarios

These are my own campaigns of cosmic horror, each set during a carefully-researched historical period. The materials below include copious background information, detailed handouts, scenario-specific rules, and several original additions to the Cthulhu Mythos. Intense scenarios that explore man’s inhumanity to man as often as they invoke the terrors of the Mythos, they frequently pit player characters against each other as they work toward mutually-exclusive goals. These scenarios are intended for mature and experienced groups, and focus on role-playing and exploration rather than combat.

White Leviathan
Set onboard a Kingsport whaling ship from 1844–1846, this epic campaign is inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. The players take on the roles of sailors, harpooneers, and stowaways onboard the good ship Quiddity, embarked on a nightmare voyage across the Pacific Ocean. Based on variation of the Dagon myth, this apocalyptic campaign is a long journey into collective madness. It culminates at a degenerate floating dystopia named Abaddon, where a looming crisis threatens the foundations of history itself. This project will likely occupy most of my creative energies for 2023–2024, and is being added piecemeal to Shipwreck Library.

Red Star Falling
This sprawling campaign takes the Chaosium monograph Machine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 as its starting point. Set during the terrible Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, a team of Soviet investigators follows a mysterious trail of terror across the most remote regions of Stalin’s Soviet Union. Starvation, oppression, industrial decay, and failed psychic research form the background for this scenario, which culminates at a lawless gulag along the Stony Tunguska River. [TBD]

The Forbidden Collection

This section collects various eldritch texts, spells no one in their right mind would choose to actually cast, new monsters, and sundry unspeakable relics. Over the years I have collected virtually everything the HPL Historical Society has produced, so some of these “relics” take their props assign them powers, statistics, and uses in the Call of Cthulhu game.

The Cthulhu Tupilak
Created by the “degenerate Esquimaux” and recorded by Professor Webb in The Call of Cthulhu, this Inuit tupilak would be delighted to fall into the hands of any capable investigator willing to dance under the blood aurora!

The Knife of Nephren-Ka (Aqedah Relic)
Forged from a fragment of meteoric iron, the Aqedah dagger is the knife supposedly clutched by Abraham when God stayed his hand and stopped him from slaying his son Isaac. Imbued with the power to grant visions, in reality the knife only brings madness to its owners. According to Ludwig Prinn, the knife was once been in the possession of Nephren-Ka, the Black Pharaoh.

El invunche
A grotesque monster from Patagonian mythology, the invunche is created by the slow and agonizing deformation of a human boy. While originally written up for my White Leviathan campaign, the invunche may be used in any relevant Call of Cthulhu campaign.

The Black Light Menu
Actually a prop for my Vampire game, this menu details dozens of illicit concoctions based on Mythos themes. The drinks are served at Sarnath, the Church of Starry Wisdom, a decadent club in New York famous for its Lovecraftian décor.

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