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  • Brent Conner

    No mention of Hiram Berdan’s 1853 Enfield breech loading trapdoor conversion remanufactured from captured confederate P1853’s and sold by the U.S. Gov.? the musket was one of the 20 types tested by the British Gov. The British opted instead for the American inventor’s version which was known as the Snider Enfield breech loading musket.
    The trapdoor configuration was adopted by the U.S. Gov. stock of Civil War issued Springfield muskets. Both Allin and Berdan sued each other over patent infringement.
    The Berdan P 1853 Enfield conversion is marked on the left side of the musket’s lock plate stamped, Patent. Feb.27, 1866. I own one however there is almost no info on that musket.

    January 26, 2022

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