New York by Night

A Campaign Setting for Vampire: The Masquerade
This section of Shipwreck Library collects game materials for White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade. This is the campaign published on the Web as “New York By Night” from 1993–2006. With the renewed interest in Vampire: The Masquerade, this site has been refurnished, and is in the process of being restored. New material has also been added!

The Threshold
An introduction to New York by Night, including an updated FAQ page and notes on the NYbN Vampire campaign.

A history of the New York Camarilla, with descriptions of the major New York clans and important NPCs. For ease of reference, you may access the individual clans here:

The Sabbat—The seat of Sabbat power in the “Northern Colonies” rests in “Gotham.” This section details the history of the sect, outlines its complex hierarchy, and profiles its core members.

Toreador—This page gives a history of Clan Toreador, describes their magnificent underground cathedral, and details the three main coteries of Toreador in New York.

Nosferatu—From their underground warren of Dis, the Nosferatu are one of the most powerful—and secretive—clans of the city.

Ventrue—The so-called Venturi Business Association is guided by a Roman Methuselah named Marius.

Malkavians—Outlawed by the Prince, this fractured clan is divided into numerous groups, some who are unaware of each others’ existence.

This section details some of the locations where the dead spend their time, and focuses on Santa de Luzarches, the great Toreador cathedral; and Sarnath, the Sabbat nightclub.

The Haven
Complete character descriptions for important NPCs outside the Camarilla, including a troubled Assamite, two billionaire Glass Walkers, a spiritually-damaged Mage, and a pair of FBI “Men in Black.”

The Belfry
Miscellaneous material from the New York by Night campaign, including alternate rules, new bloodlines, and powerful relics.

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