Deadlands 1876

Welcome to the Centennial!

This section of Shipwreck Library details my Deadlands 1876 campaign, an alternate history game set in a Centennial where the Civil War only recently ended, North America has become balkanized into sovereign nations competing for resources, and the mysterious mineral “ghost rock” has fueled a technological revolution. Part alternate history, part Weird West, and part steampunk, this campaign uses a blend of the Savage Worlds gaming system and the original Deadlands RPG.

This page is my Deadlands campaign main hub, and organizes all the major sections below. You may also navigate using the pull-down menus above.

Deadlands 1876

This page introduces my Deadlands campaign, details some of the differences between my world and the published setting, and discusses some of the themes of the campaign.

This section stores all the documents related to the Deadlands 1876 milieu, from a detailed alternate history timeline to notes on the Rail Wars.

All my alternative rules to the Savage Worlds core system, as well as specialized mechanics for things like conducting a buffalo hunt or undergoing a Sun Dance.

These pages detail some of the more important organizations, groups, secret societies, and militias that shape the politics and culture of Deadlands 1876. 

getting around in the weird West: details on rail, steam, stagecoach, and airship!

Here you’ll find a history of nineteenth-century firearms, along with complete profiles and game mechanics for dozens of rifles and revolvers, from the Brown Bess musket to the fictional Nauvoo Prophet.

A list of unique artifacts found in Deadlands 1876.

Descriptions for some of the more dangerous inhabitants of Deadlands 1876, whether red in tooth or claw or more spiritual in nature.

A list of unique spells, hexes, and pow-wows found in Deadlands 1876.

This section will hold my independent adventure scenarios for my Deadlands campaign. [Under Development]

Notes & Sources

The banner image incorporates a painting by the incomparable Brom—indeed, one that inspired me to set a Call of Cthulhu campaign in an alternate Civil War some twenty tears ago, as well as create a certain NPC for my “New York by Night” Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. Brom’s image likewise inspired the original author of Deadlands, which brings me to this: a very heartfelt thank you to Shane Lacy Hensley and Pinnacle Entertainment Group for creating this wonderful role-playing game! Although my Deadlands 1876 milieu differs from the “official” scenario, I have only the deepest respect for Pinnacle’s work, and I am glad to design and play in this unique world. I hope that my efforts to establish an alternate setting for Deadlands gives other Marshals a few good ideas. I’d also like to thank “Regulators” for sticking with me so long: Andrew, Kevin, Mary, Michael, and Rob. You guys are the best players a Marshal could wish for!

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