• Mortis

    No one has ever been shot in the face by these. They are nothing but a pair of replicas, whoever bought these first might’ve been told that they are antiques, as they are typical bazaar tourist traps. I’ve got a somewhat similiar pair of this kind of replicas for cheap so I can tell for sure (they do not really look like these in general but they have some identical parts so they’re likely to be made in the same shop). The barrel is some thin sheet metal which has been welded together, the bands which are supposed to hold the barrel and the stock together are some sort of a foil, there are no screws on these things at all even the jaw screw on the hammer is just welded inplace and so are the jaws. The lock however has a pretty decent draw weight, just like a regular flintlock would have, the more surprised I’ve been when taking it apart. There was no leafspring in there like I expected but some sort of thick springsteel wire kinda coiled around the tumbler despite the weird looks it seems to work well enough, atleast far better than then trigger on which the pivot point is so offset that it made me cringe alot. They are not completely useless though as I managed to turn the lock into a real working flintlock.

    July 23, 2017
  • Thanks for the comment! As I mention, I got this from the Nate Sanders Auction company, so if these are indeed replicas, that would be quite an embarrassment to them! But since I’m describing flintlocks for a fictional game set in an alternate timeline, I’d like to imagine a few people have been shot in the face by a touchy pirate…! I’m quite fascinated that you managed to turn one into a working flintlock. What you said about the barrel, though, makes me wonder if you’ve actually fired it? Or did you replace the barrel and bands, too?

    July 26, 2017

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