2021 October: Update
As visitors may have noticed, I’m currently writing an epic-length Call of Cthulhu game called White Leviathan. Inspired by Melville’s Moby-Dick, Lovecraft’s “The Festival” and “Dagon,” and Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, this apocalyptic campaign is set onboard a Kingsport whaling ship during the years 1844–1846, and takes characters all across the Pacific Islands. I’ve now completed enough material to start posting the first few chapters; I’ll be adding these to Shipwreck Library throughout the autumn and winter.  This includes a sourcebook-length version of Kingsport in 1844, a host of new Call of Cthulhu spells, and game mechanics for whaling.

Thomas Pynchon
In an unexpected surprise, Dr. Martin Dietze has offered to help me restore Spermatikos Logos, the Modern Word’s old Thomas Pynchon site. Those updates should be online in November 2021.

James Joyce
I plan on restoring my old James Joyce site, The Brazen Head, in times for the Bloomsday Centennial in June 2022.

2021 October 14
A very substantial addition to White Leviathan: The Quiddity, the Kingsport whaling ship at the center of the campaign, and the player characters’ home-away-from-home during the campaign. This is the Keeper’s version, with all the ship’s secrets exposed! There’s also a spoiler-free “Player Version.”

2021 October 7
Additional Keeper’s Information being filled in on White Leviathan; including Background Part 4—Pocket Dreamworlds and the beginning few entries on Player Character Secrets and Development.

2021 October 5
Over two dozen small additions to White Leviathan; including all player-character letters and handouts previously missing from their corresponding character profiles and location pages. A few minor Keeper notes have been added as well. Interested visitors may check the Table of Contents for a complete list, look under “X. Handouts.” Many of these have accompanying PDFs with fancy typography.

2021 October 3
Four more White Leviathan locations have been added to Kingsport 1844, including Erasmus Doppler & Sons, a workshop for carving figureheads; King Timmy’s Hotel, a sailor’s flophouse; Valentine & Howell Gun Shop, perhaps on loan from my Deadlands campaign; and the Byram Theological Seminary, first conceived by Lin Carter and Robert M. Price. Also, numerous pieces have been revised or slightly expanded, including player characters Rachel Ward and Tobias Beckett,  The Whaleboat, and Life On a Whaling Ship. Two “player items” have been added: Lady Jezebel’s Pepperbox Pistol and Silas Grimble’s Penan Blowpipe. And finally, Hunting Whales and Trying-Out a Whale are now more-or-less complete; but may be tweaked after further play-testing.

2021 October 2
Three more White Leviathan locations have been added to Kingsport 1844. The Starry Busk, Kingsport’s high-end brothel; the neighborhood known as “The Yards,” and the Tuttle Shipyard.

2021 October 1
Another location has been added to Kingsport 1844: The Diving Bell, a notorious saloon, brothel, and opium den located in the Cauldron.

2021 September 29
The Keeper’s Information and Campaign Background for White Leviathan now details The Great Work, the Kingsport Cult’s plans to resurrect Dagon. Also added: Kingsport’s Fishermen’s Chapel, and two Cult grimoires: Une histoire de la flamme viridienne, and Le livre de la méchanceté.

2021 September 23
The Keeper’s Information and Campaign Background for White Leviathan now has a detailed History of Dagon. This is an alternate view of Dagon from the standard Call of Cthulhu milieu.

2021 September 21
A description of the common Whaleboat has been added to White Leviathan.

2021 September 20
Two additions to White Leviathan: a complete gaming system for Hunting Whales, and a small overview of Whaling Tools. Both are applicable to any Call of Cthulhu game inspired by Moby-Dick.

2021 September 18
Two more White Leviathan locations have been added to Kingsport 1844: The Kingsport Mariner’s Bethel, and St. Erasmus Home for Mariners. Next up is Kingsport’s red-light district, The Cauldron.

2021 September 17
Can’t have a game about whaling without whales! The Sperm Whale has been added to the White Leviathan bestiary, along with notes and game mechanics for rendering the poor creature into precious oil: Trying-Out a Whale. Although I have a lot more to add until Chapter 1 is complete, I am working on polishing the sections on whaling, so the pace of updates will slow until next week. In the near future: campaign background on Dagon and Cthulhu, notes on managing the campaign, and the remainder of Kingsport 1844. Also, handouts: lots and lots of handouts!

2021 September 16
The final player character has been added: Rachel Ward. Also, the crew of the Quiddity is ready for all hands on deck!

2021 September 15
The articles of the Quiddity have received another player character: Milton Redburn, based on non other than Herman Melville himself.

2021 September 14
The sixth player character has been added to White Leviathan: the harpooner Quakaloo, based on Melville’s Queequeg.

2021 September 13
Another player character has been added to White Leviathan: Leland Chappell Morgan, the Quiddity’s blacksmith.

2021 September 10
White Leviathan’s Kingsport is granted its own nineteenth century gang, The Powderhouse Ghouls, in loose alliance with the Kingsport Cult. Two additional player characters have been added: the harpooneer Ulysses Everett Dixon, and the visiting naturalist, Dr. Montgomery St. John Lowell.

2021 September 8
Two of eight player characters have been added to White Leviathan: Tobias Beckett and Mr. Joseph Coffin.

2021 September 7
Three NPCs have been added to the White Leviathan rogue’s gallery: Silas Grimble, Captain Gideon Sleet, and Jacob Macy.

2021 August 24
New to White Leviathan: A detailed history of the Kingsport Cult, from its Cathar origins to its nineteenth-century zenith in Kingsport; plus the three NPC officers of the whaleship QuiddityCaptain Jeremiah Joab, Mr. William Pynchon, and Mr. P.H. Whipple. More material will be added the first week of September—I’m on vacation the rest of August.

2021 August 23
New to White Leviathan: Life on a Whaling Ship, a description of the general structure, duties, and culture onboard a nineteenth-century whaler. Also added the Call of Dagon gaming mechanic, and the Period & Setting 1844–1846 campaign resource.

2021 August 22
I added a few things to White Leviathan, including a Campaign Introduction, the Player Character Cast Sheet, a page on Kingsport Cult Degrees, and the humble beginnings of Chapter 1: Kingsport 1844—kind of a nineteenth-century sourcebook for Kingsport. So far I have the first two locations online: The Knotted Iron, a pub for whalers; and The Kingsport Hotel, a boardinghouse run by a disgruntled Dreamer. Much more to come, including all the player characters and the campaign background.

2021 August 21
Dozens of new spells for Call of Cthulhu have been added to White Leviathan, broken down by four categories: WitchcraftCult SorceryEldritch Magic, and  Pacific Shamanism. Some are “period variations” on existing 7th Edition spells, but many are my own creations, including: Scrying Gaze, Ritual for the Creation of a Mandragora, Brew Sabbath Unguent, The Rite of Aquelarre, and the ever-popular Hand of Glory. White designed for the White Leviathan campaign, they may easily be adapted to any Call of Cthulhu scenario. Also added: a host of new Nautical Skills, whaling-based New Occupations, and a work-in-progress Bibliography.

2021 August 20
In honor of H.P. Lovecraft’s 131st birthday, my epic Call of Cthulhu adventure White Leviathan is finally being harpooned from my ocean of rough drafts and tried-out on Shipwreck Library! Right now there’s only a splash page, the Table of Contents, and a game mechanic called The Curse of Jonah; but much more is coming over the next few months. I expect it to be complete by mid-2022.

2021 July 4
Deadlands Update: Sadly, Covid-19 and the corresponding quarantine have not been kind to in-person roleplaying, and my Deadlands 1876 game has been suspended for over a year. There’s unlikley to be any new Deadlands material on here for a while. In the meantime, I’m working on Call of Cthulhu and James Joyce. They are, ah, not related.

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