2018 August 16
You like vampires and sex, right? Of course you do! The revision of New York By Night continues with the Byzantium Coven, the pack in charge of the Sabbat’s vast network of sex clubs, brothels, opium dens, and meat markets.

2018 July 25
The Sabbat’s sprawling nightclub is built in the remains of an old church, and features everything from a disassembled helicopter to an underground café designed by H.R. Giger! Come visit Sarnath, the Church of Starry Wisdom for its Lovecraftian décor, but stay for the Saturnalia! (Or because you found yourself hanging upside-down in the Catacombs.)

2018 July 24
Feeling the need to “flavor” a blood doll with some illicit substances cheerfully served up as Lovecraftian concoctions? Then Sarnath’s Black Light Coffee Menu is for you!

2018 July 20
Former singer of the seminal rock band Baphomet, Rose Mary Lynch has been added to the Crow Magnum MC. Serving the coven as oracle, “The Widow Lynch” believes she is destined to be the mother of the Cainite antichrist.

2018 July 12
The Crow Magnum MC and the N.O.X. Coven been added to the Gotham Sabbat section of New York By Night. Because what’s cooler than undead Satanists terrorizing the Bronx astride their Harley-Davidsons?

2018 July 11
The Sarnath Coven has been added to the Gotham Sabbat section of New York By Night. The most important coven in New York, Sarnath is a Sabbat nightclub that occupies an abandoned church, and carries a distinct “decadent Lovecraft” theme.

2018 July 09
The Gotham Sabbat section has been divided into covens, each with its own page. The Sabbat Leadership, Green-Wood Coven, Smugglers Pack, and Coven of the Alabaster Madonna sections have been completed, each expanded and revised for your fin-de-siècle gaming pleasure.

2018 June 29
I spent the last week going through the site and fixing typos, inconsistencies, and adding PDFs. New PDFs include: Deadlands Organizations – Black Ghost Nation SocietiesSabbat HierarchyGotham SabbatPrince Radu IonescuWissengeistToreador – Cathedral CoterieBrief History of Clan ToreadorNYBN CamarillaDeadlands Bestiary – Wínyan NúpaDeadlands Characters – Sorceress Wínyan NúpaDeadlands Grimoire – Walk the Ghost RoadsDeadlands Relic – Cannibal CutleryDeadlands Relic – Book of Faces, and No Hay Banda – Analysis of “Mulholland Drive”. My next projects are to add new images to some of the older pages, then to break up the Sabbat section into multiple pages.

2018 June 28
A downloadable PDF Version of the Breech-loading Pistols section has been added to the Deadlands Armory. Twenty-three illustrated pages of “new-fangled” nineteenth-century pistols, including several fictional ones designed specifically for a fantasy/Weird West campaign.

2018 June 27
A downloadable PDF Version of the Bolt-action Rifles section has been added to the Deadlands Armory. Twenty pages of exotic (for the nineteenth century, at least!) rifles from the Prussian Zündnadelgewehr to the fictional Nauvoo Prophet.

2018 June 26
A downloadable PDF version of the Breech-loading Rifles section has been added to the Deadlands Armory. Lavishly illustrated, this 57-page document features everything from the Revolutionary-era Ferguson rifle to custom Sharps buffalo guns.

2018 May 30
The dagger nearly used by Abraham to slay Isaac, the Knife of the Aqedah has the power to invoke visions, banish abominations, and bind angels. Intended for all supernatural campaigns, including Vampire, Call of Cthulhu, and Deadlands.

2018 April 9
New York by Night’s “Nosferatu” page has been expanded by the addition of their clan leader, Radu Ionescu, the Pale King.

2018 March 30
The new “Deadlands Characters” section opens up with the ancient sorceress Wínyan Núpa, who claims to be the source of the Aztec legend of Tlazolteotl.

2018 March 30
Two new additions to the Deadlands Reliquary: a set of Cannibal Cutlery, and Wínyan Núpa’s Book of Faces.

2018 March 29
The Wínyan Núpa, the two-faced cannibal ogress of Sioux legend, has been added to the Deadlands Bestiary. This page details the abominations named “wínyan núpa,” not the actual sorceress of the same name who spawned them.

2018 March 29
PDF and banner image added to the Kunenhráyenhnenh page.

2018 January 15
The Kunenhráyenhnenh, or Flying Head of Iroquois legend, has been added to the Deadlands Bestiary.

2018 January 3
Just a note—I took two months off to get some “actual job” work done over the holidays, but I plan to add a significant amount of material to Shipwreck Library in 2018! Old stuff will be restored to “New York by Night” in time for the Vampire: Masquerade reboot, new stuff will be added to Deadlands 1876, and my Call of Cthulhu pages will be expanded. Happy New Year!

2017 October 18
The Bronx’s N.O.X. Coven and Crow Magnum MC have been added to the Sabbat homepage of New York by Night.

2017 October 13
The first group of Toreador have been added to New York by Night, the “Cathedral Coterie.” This group includes the clan leader, several important ancillae, and a pair of Malkavian pretenders.

2017 October 9
Notes on the Sabbat Hierarchy in New York by Night have been added to the Sabbat page.

2017 October 8
Just in time for Halloween, I have placed a revised version of my Sabbat homepage on New York by Night. Chock-full of purple prose and overwrought gothiness, it’s pretty clear I really love the Tzimisce, and probably should have been playing a Nephelim game.

2017 September 30
My old Vampire: The Masquerade campaign, “New York by Night,” is finally back open for business! There’s still a lot to flesh out, but the main structure is in place. I plan to have a revised version of the site fully restored within the next sixth months.

2017 September 27
A Brief History of Clan Toreador has been added to New York by Night. This traces the clan’s origins from their mythical progenitor, Arikel of Enoch, to the original “Toreador,” Sebastián Tristámara y Luna, to the modern clan in New York City.

2017 September 24
The Wissengeist have been added to New York by Night. A bloodline of the Toreador founded during the Enlightenment, the Wissengeist labor on the Great Work using the tools of alchemy, metaphysics, and science.

2017 September 3
The Toreador’s subterranean cathedral of Santa de Luzarches has been added to New York by Night. This legendary guildhouse contains the great pipe organ Aoidé, features diverse wonders from the Garden of Stone to the Mirror of Don Quixote, and protects seven inviolable chapels dedicated to the clans of the Camarilla. Come for Veronica Tryst’s stained glass windows, but stay for the Malkavian coffee!

2017 September 2
I have added Campaign Notes & Expansions for Chaosium’s Beyond the Mountains of Madness—fifteen pages of notes, suggestions, variations, and expansions for use in this epic campaign to Antarctica.

2017 August 28
I have added my significantly expanded version of the S.S. Wallaroo, the derelict factory ship the investigators explore in Chaosium’s Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Now with 100% more insanity, dead whales, and mangled seamen! Although this encounter is intended to be used for the BMM campaign, with a little work, it could be adapted into any ice-bound nautical scenario.

2017 August 28
The HPL Historical Society has a lovely prop based on Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu—the Cthulhu Tupilak. An evil idol carved from a walrus tusk, I have written a full description of the artifact and its powers for use in a Call of Cthulhu game.

2017 August 22
A few Handouts have been added to my companion page for Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

2017 August 21
The Call of Cthulhu section opens with the S.S. Gabrielle, an alternate version of the tramp steamer from Chaosium’s Beyond the Mountains of Madness.

2017 August 14
The Strigoi have been added to New York by Night. A bloodline of the Nosferatu, these Romanian witch-vampires also make excellent adversaries for Deadlands and Call of Cthulhu! 

2017 August 9
I’m finally getting around to putting my old New York by Night Vampire: The Masquerade campaign back online! Hurray for 1999!

2017 August 8
Looking to get your hands on a Locke & Valentine “Hesselius” pistol or fire a Loveless Prophet? Think a “Tennessee Twister” may be the best defense against a Communard Crossbow? You’ve come to the right place, pardner. The Fictional Firearms section of the Armory collects all the guns invented for Deadlands 1876 on a single page for easy reference.

2017 August 6
I added a general Links page to the site.

2017 August 5
A section on Breech-Loading Pistols has been added to the Armory. This page details single-shot breech-loaded pistols and “pocket rifles,” including the Queen Anne flintlock, the Sharps, the Marston, the Perry, the Rollin White, the Frank Wesson tip-up, the Westley Richards “monkey-tail,” the Remington Rolling Block, the Stevens“Bicycle Rifle,” and the rare Winchester pistol. It also profiles the fictional Locke & Valentine “Hesselius” and LeMat’s “Vacherie” Single-Shot Pistol.

2017 August 5
The Calisher & Terry Carbine and the Palmer Carbine have been added to the Bolt-Action Rifles page of the Armory.

2017 August 4
After becoming fascinated with the Boer Wars of the late nineteenth century, I added a few British guns to the Breech-Loading Rifles section of the Deadlands Armory, including the Westley Richards “Monkey-Tail” Carbine, the Westley Richards “Improved Martini,” the Deeley-Edge rifle, the Gibbs-Farquharson rifle, and the Westley Richards “ZAR Martini.”

2017 July 29
The Muzzle-Loaded Pistols section of the Deadlands Armory has been expanded with notes on trap guns and spring guns. Other new additions include Ethan Allen percussion pistols and the bizarre Yerty “Horseshoe” gun. Also, a PDF of the section has been included, available at the bottom of the page.

2017 July 27
A few new Skills have been added to New Skills & Edges.

2017 July 17
Welcome to the 7th Cavalry Regiment under General George Armstrong Custer! This major resource profiles the 7th Cavalry on the eve of Little Bighorn, and includes a brief history of the U.S.Cavalry, a description of Western military life, a catalog of weapons and equipment, notes on cavalry tactics, and detailed NPC profiles ranging from generic cavalry troopers to Custer’s actual junior officers and scouts.

2017 July 12
A major page detailing the Black Ghost Nation War Societies has been added. Intended as powerful native adversaries, these groups include the Crazy Dog berserkers, the psychedelic Rattlesnake Veterans, the bizarre Cheshká Máza tricksters, the Amazonian Skull Dancers, the bestial Black Spiral Dancers, and the grim Black-Handed Widows.

2017 May 30
With the return of Twin Peaks, I thought I’d finally repost my explication of David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, “No hay banda.” Originally published on The Modern Word in 2002.

2017 May 13
The “Walk the Ghost Roads” Power has been added to the Deadlands Grimoire. This Power opens the ancient Anasazi “Ghost Roads,” allowing the caster to travel great distances by passing through the mystical Third World. It also includes the “Ritual of the Black Sipapu,” which allows a Walker to create a temporary gateway through time and space.

2017 May 13
The “Call Weather” Power has been added to the Deadlands Grimoire.

2017 May 13
The “Deadlands Grimoire” section has been opened, with “Implant Suggestion” and “Wilderness Ally” as its first two additions.

2017 May 11
The “Deadlands Organizations—Sioux Nation” page has been significantly expanded. The section on “Sioux Culture” now includes notes on Sioux customs, diet, use of tobacco, and gender roles. Notes on the the “wínkte” and the “heyókha” have been added. A few images have been added to the page, and a PDF version has been included.

2017 May 6
A page detailing the colorful Sioux War Societies has been added, with notes on several historical okȟólakičhiye, as well as the fictional Wanághi Wachípi society. Named after the northern lights, this society forms the nucleus for the Deadlands version of the Sioux “Ghost Dance” movement.

2017 April 11
Interested in knowing the difference between a shirt-wearer and a Big Belly? A section on Sioux politics was added to the “Deadlands Organizations—Sioux Nation” page.

2017 April 10
The apocalyptic Black Ghost Nation has been added to the Deadlands Organizations section. Designed as a major campaign antagonist, this cult of “Shikshichela” broke away from the Itázipčho tribe after the Great Quake, and is dedicated to regaining Sioux lands by any means necessary.

2017 March 22
The Deadlands Armory has been expanded with a new section on “Muzzle-Loaded Pistols.” Just in case you feel the need for a duel, perhaps; or to put a Jacobite bullet into Black Jack Randall.

2017 March 22
The arcane sword Diente Sombrío was added to Deadlands Relics. Once owned by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, this bloodthirsty sword was carried all the way to Alkali Lake, Nebraska on the conquistador’s mad quest for the Seven Cities of Gold.

2017 March 22
The Kendall Underhammer Rifle was added to the “Muzzle-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory. This profile also features a brief history of the famous Robbins & Lawrence Company, along with a harrowing story about a squirrel, a gunshot haircut, the exploitation of Vermont convicts, and a counterfeiter who finds redemption.

2017 March 22
The “Firearms Rules” section has been revamped, with corrections on reloading times, notes on Maynard priming tape, and new rules for extreme-range “crack shots” and “point blank” range.

2017 March 11
Feel like hunting big game during the Victorian era? The “English double rifle” and the Lancaster Four-Barrel Express Rifle were added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 March 10
Elegant and deadly, the Marston Percussion Rifle was added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory. It gives new meaning to the Judas Priest album, Hell Bent for Leather!

2017 March 5
Did you ever want to see the result of a centipede mating with a steampunk rifle? The very weird Jennings Repeating Flintlock and the slightly-less weird Ellis-Jennings Repeating Flintlock were added to the “Muzzle-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 March 4
The unique Triplett & Scott repeater and the fictional Triplett & Scott Mark II repeater were added to the “Lever-Action” section of the Deadlands Armory. All hail Kentucky! This completes this section for the foreseeable future.

2017 March 3
Benjamin Joslyn’s Model 1862 and Model 1864 carbines were added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory. Old Ben is probably still seeking renumeration.

2017 March 2
The Joslyn “Monkey Tail” carbine of 1855 was added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 February 26
I’m a Pennsylvanian living in New York. Of course I love Zouaves! The Remington Model 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle, aka the “Zouave” Rifle, was added to the “Muzzle-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 February 25
A dozen new firearms were added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory, including the Revolution-era Ferguson rifle, the U.S. Model 1819 Hall rifle, the Ethan Allen Falling Block Rifle, and five Civil War carbines—the Smith, the Gallager, the Cosmopolitan, the Starr, and the Morse. I also expanded the introduction to discuss Creedmoor and Schuetzen rifles.

2017 February 24
Ballard and Marlin-Ballard rifles were added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 February 23
In the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory, the entries on the Sharps Rifle and the Remington Rolling Block were both expanded considerably, with brief histories provided and many new models profiled, from the Sharps “coffee grinder” carbine to the fictional Remington Model 1874 “Gotham” carbine.

2017 February 21
Frank Wesson Falling Block rifles were added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

2017 February 14
The M1867 Werndl-Holub was added to the “Breech-Loaders” section of the Deadlands Armory.

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