2019 August 19
The Borges Nonfiction section has been greatly expanded. Each book has been fully profiled and rounded off with translated excerpts.

2019 August 16
The Borges and Music section has been opened, and will be fleshed out over the next few weeks. We start—where else?—with tango!

2019 August 10
With the addition of Borges’ Late Poetry, the “Borges Works” section is now complete. (Although it will be subject to expansion over the next few weeks.)

2019 August 9
The Garden of Forking Paths continues to grow with a section on Borges Interviews and an updated FAQ file. Also, the “Borges Works” now has sections devoted to Borges’ Poetry Compilations, Early “ultraist” Poetry, and Mid-Career Poetry.

2019 August 2
The Borges Works page has been expanded by the addition of two more sections: Collaborations with Bioy Casares, and Collaborations with Others. These sections include notes on the “Bustos Domecq” stories, commentary on The Book of Imaginary Beings, and a reviews of Borges’ penultimate book, Atlas.

2019 July 30
The Borges Works page has been expanded by the addition of a section on Lectures, Interviews, and Conversations.

2019 July 29
A Borges Links page has been added to The Garden of Forking Paths.

2019 July 25
The Borges Works page has been added to The Garden of Forking Paths, and the Borges Fiction and Artifices page has been expanded and revised.

2019 July 24
The Jorge Luis Borges Biography page on The Garden of Forking Paths has been extensively revised.

2019 July 22
Inaugurating a year-long project to restore, revise, and refurbish The Modern Word, a.k.a. The Libyrinth, we begin with The Garden of Forking Paths. Dedicated to the works of Jorge Luis Borges, this site was established in 1996.

2019 July 4
What could be more patriotic than a Western stagecoach? Just in time for Independence Day, a new Travel section has been added to Deadlands 1876, inaugurated by a piece on the Deadwood Stage. Offering the history of the Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express line, this document may be used for any Western stage line. It details Concord coaches and their teams, outlines the role of drivers and shotgun messengers, and discusses the perils of robbery. New game mechanics are suggested for conducting combat on a racing stagecoach, and NPC profiles are supplied for NPC drivers, shotgun messengers, and road agents.

2019 June 18
Legendary gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok has been added to the roster of Deadlands characters! This extensive profile offers a detailed biography of Hickok, provides notes on his favorite guns, and offers two new Unique Edges.

2019 May 13
In possibly the most anal-retentive, arcane, surely-never-to-be-read post I’ve ever made for a role-playing game, a page about Faro Rules now graces Deadlands 1876! Yes, all the history and mechanics of the Wild West’s most popular card game explained, with detailed notes on cheating, and guidelines for running an in-game version of faro during a campaign! Just what you wanted, right?

2019 March 22
Known as the “Queen of Deadwood,” Belle Siddons has been added to the roster of Deadlands characters. A former Confederate spy turned outlaw, the brilliant and beautiful Belle Siddons now goes by the name Lurline Monteverde, where she charms audiences upon the stage and robs them when off.

2019 March 17
Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Three new Deadlands relics taken from the charming Celtic ladies of the Five Points: the Claws of Hellcat Maggie, the Shillelagh of Gallus Mag, and the Wishbone of Gallus Mag.

2019 March 5
Currently dealing faro in Cheyenne, Doc Holliday has been added to the roster of Deadlands characters. A dangerous outlaw, this former dentist has an acid wit, a lethal temper, and a nasty cough. Depicted before his fateful meeting with Wyatt Earp, the Doc Holliday of Deadlands 1876 is a nasty piece of work, a fatalistic gambler who’s left a trail of dead bodies along his drive towards self-destruction.

2019 March 2
The Lösesegen talisman has been added to the Deadlands Reliquary. This relic from medieval Germany has the power to release its possessor from bondage; and in extreme circumstances, may even summon the ancient “idisi” themselves.

2019 March 1
The Deadlands Reliquary’s Wínyan Núpa’s Book of Faces has been expanded with new Powers and spells.

2019 February 26
Known to the Arapahoe as the “hecesiiteihii” and to the Cheyenne as the “vo’estanehesano,” the Cannibal Dwarves of Native American legend invade the Deadlands Bestiary. Also included are notes for recasting these monstrous little bastards as the Abominable Tcho-Tcho People from Call of Cthulhu, or reducing them to a degenerate bloodline of Gangrel in Vampire: The Masquerade.

2019 February 23
How does the Black Ghost Nation win all those skirmishes against the U.S. Cavalry? Well, it helps if they can neutralize the enemies’ gunpowder! The Shaman-only Power of Bad Powder Medicine has been added to the Deadlands Grimoire.

2019 February 23
Need to erase the mind of a nineteenth-century muggle? The Power of Oblivion has been added to the Deadlands Grimoire. The next few updates will focus on Deadlands 1876.


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