Black blood upon the altar! and the rustle of angel
wings above!
Black blood of the sweet fruit, the bruised, the
violated bloom—that setteth the Wheel a-spinning
in the spire.
Death is the veil of Life, and Life of Death; for both
are Gods.
This is that which is written: “A feast for Life, and
a greater feast for Death!” in THE BOOK OF
The blood is the life of the individual: offer that

—Aleister Crowley, The Book of Lies

2017 Archive Note
I first began playing Vampire: The Masquerade in 1993, and ended my campaign in 2002. I no longer run a Vampire campaign, and New York by Night is essentially an archive of old material. Entries presented in “gray boldface” followed by a “Coming Soon” bracket will be restored after I’ve edited the old material. Entries presented in “black boldface” were never developed further and are unlikely to be expanded now; although I may eventually break the covens into their own separate pages.

Background & Locations

Sabbat Hierarchy
An explanation of the Sabbat hierarchy in New York City, along with variations to the official White Wolf milieu.

Known as “The Church of Starry Wisdom,” Sarnath is the decadent nightclub owned and operated by Malachi Voordebrax. Watch those special coffees! [Coming Soon]

La Catedral Envuelta
The Sabbat’s inverted answer to Santa de Luzarches, the “Engulfed Cathedral” is a flooded, upside-down cathedral located, perhaps, outside time and space. This citadel serves as an arcane nexus for the Sabbat, and is simultaneously located in Boston, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Montreal, Bogotá, São Paulo, Buenos Ares, and Barcelona.

Siddim, Viriconium & Byzantium
Venus and Orchid’s trio of clubs exploit the erotic borders between human flesh and Cainite blood.

A seedy biker bar that serves as a gateway to the occult, the Night of Pan—more commonly known as “N.O.X.”—serves as the Sabbat’s haven in the Bronx.

The Northern Colonies

La Catedral Envuelta
The “New World” is overseen by the prisci dwelling in La Cathedral Envuelta, who generally remain aloof from the mundane responsibilities of actual governance— such duties are carried out by cardinals and archbishops. These prisci are ancient; Tzimisce transformed by millennia of Vicissitude into something more alien than Kindred.

Vhaindra and Angelus
Primi Prisci
Also known as “Mother” and “Father,” Vhaindra and Angelus are a pair of ancient Tzimisce who have passed beyond human form. Their flesh is fish-belly white, marked by mysterious glyphs and tattooed with arcane inscriptions from a dead language. They glow with an aura of black light, a fluorescence that drains the will of any Kindred who enters their presence. Vhaindra has the opaque black eyes of a shark, her mouth filled with double rows of translucent, needle teeth; it is rumored she practices diablerie through her vagina dentata. To look into the eyes of her mate is to glimpse a starry field of deep space; when Angelus opens his mouth, his distant voice issues from a yawning void. The pair claims to have been gods in another world; cast down when their Aeon was destroyed, they were reborn in this universe as Cainites in the time before the Deluge. Although few believe this outlandish tale, even Sabbat Elders are overcome by holy dread when standing before Mother and Father. The pair spends most of their time in torpor, and may only be consulted by the highest-ranking Sabbat officials. Although they rarely speak, their pronouncements are regarded as doctrine.

La Muñeca
In a voice like tinkling crystal, La Muñeca articulates the wishes of Mother and Father during their long periods of torpor. A strange creature believed to be a Tzimisce, the Doll has flesh like porcelain, and moves with the articulated deliberation of an automaton. Because she seems to have the ability to be in different locations at the same time, there may actually be several Dolls.

El Navegador
A mysterious boy of an unknown bloodline, the Navigator floats in the air as if gliding through water. He is always accompanied by a figure clad in a nineteenth-century diving suit, who seems responsible for keeping the floating boy tethered to a leather hose. El Navegador is summoned when a Sabbat official desires a consultation with Mother and Father; true to his appellation, he leads the way through “El Laberinto Negro” to the inner sanctum of La Catedral Envuelta.

Dwelling within the cathedral’s Garden of Pain, Malahidael is a lugubrious being who claims to be a fallen angel. Seeking refuge with the Sabbat, the beautiful creature has forsaken his angelic domain of “Courage” to become the “Prince of Circumspection.” Although the Sabbat honors Malahidael’s story, most believe he’s an ancient Tzimisce, a tragic figure who has succumbed to his own delusions and has flesh-crafted himself into a mythological being. Nevertheless, none doubt the sagacity of his advice, and his counsel is rarely dismissed. No Cainite is allowed to drink from Malahidael, who is presented with an unbaptized human infant each New Moon. The fallen angel seems to devour the child whole, bones and all.

Paramándala Voin: “La Reina Bruja”
A monstrous Tzimisce wracked by Vicissitude, the distorted body of the Witch Queen is spread across the walls and ceiling of her cathedral chamber. Acting through various extrusions known as pequeñas brujas, La Reina Bruja foretells the future using bizarre cards grown and harvested from the flesh of imprisoned ghouls.

The Unnamable
Serving as the Sabbat’s Judge, this nameless Tzimisce is a knight errant who fell in love with a possessed witch in medieval Germany. For this reason, he is sometimes called Der Richter; but most refer to him as the Unnamable. An imposing figure with a bulky, muscular body, his head is enclosed by an ornate bronze box, and his naked flesh is engraved with the names of every Cainite he’s sentenced. Made deaf, dumb, and blind by the bronze, it’s said that tiny demons whisper into his ears, describing what he should see and replicating what he should hear. Der Richter’s judgements are passed using an iron-bound book—he simply opens it to an appropriate page and points. No matter how unique or complicated the case, the revealed inscription is always appropriate and precise. The judgments of the Unnamable are final, and may only be “appealed to the Sun.”

The Latrocinium
The most important Sabbat organization in the United States, the Latrocinium is a ten-member Syncelli Council consisting of Cardinal Lilitu, three canons, an inquisitor, and the six archbishops who govern the Sabbat strongholds in the Northern Colonies—New York, Boston, Providence, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and Baltimore. Although New York is the largest and most important city in the Northern Colonies, the Latrocinium itself is based in Boston. Selected Latrocinium members relevant to New York City are described below.

Cardinal Lilitu
Cardinal of the Northern Colonies
Commonly known as “Sister Lilith,” this cold-blooded Lasombra favors a snow-white suit, and conceals her inhuman eyes behind a pair of mirrored sunglasses. Her long black hair is streaked with white, and her skin has the consistency of alabaster. Cardinal Lilitu is an avowed Satanist, and deliberately cultivates an aura of mystery—no one knows her age, her origins, her lineage, or her relationship to Prince Gratiano. It is said that her shadow has an independent existence, and murders children as it falls across their cradles.

Azra Ingeloquin
Canon of the Northern Colonies/Templar
Lilith’s personal guard, Azra is an Assamite Templar who claims to have been present when “the world was born.” Analytical and cautious, Azra has a preternatural ability to predict his enemy’s tactics, and has prevented countless ambushes, coups, and betrayals. Although not Blood Bound to Cardinal Lilitu, he serves her with religious devotion, and genuinely believes her to be the first wife of the Biblical Adam.

Father INRI
Inquisitor of the Northern Colonies
A Lasombra Elder, Father INRI passionately follows the teachings of the Vortici, a heresy destroyed by the Church during the Middle Ages. Serving as the Latrocinium’s Grand Inquisitor, the fallen priest has a reputation for merciless exactitude, and mere mention of his name is usually enough to bring an insolent Cainite back to his senses.

The Mime
Canon of the Northern Colonies
A Toreador antitribu skilled in the art of inflicting pain, the Mime serves the Latrocinium as High Torturer. Dressed in black with her face painted white, her most unnerving feature is the irrepressible cheer she radiates while performing her duties. It is believed she was Embraced by the Black Toreador Venerio Brexiano during his infamous staging of Judith and the Holofernes.

The Gotham Syncelli
The counterpart to the Camarilla’s Primogen Council, the Gotham Syncelli advises the Archbishop of New York. Because of the significance of the city, the Archbishop of New York is nearly as powerful as the Cardinal of the Northern Colonies. Indeed, some Gotham Cainites believe that the position of archbishop should be elevated to that of cardinal. This has created a certain amount of tension between Cardinal Lilitu and Archbishop Malachi.

Malachi Voordebrax
Archbishop of New York
A Landsknecht Embraced during the Battle of Pavia, Malachi is a Tzimisce monk with a theatrically evil demeanor and a shrewd grasp of internecine politics. Pale but handsome, Malachi is over six feet tall, and has a shock of bright red hair that falls over twinkling green eyes. He favors black Versace suits, and his leather gloves conceal a terrible deformity—a failed experiment in Vicissitude has transformed his left hand into a raven-like talon. Sardonic but strangely charming, Malachi is not above making numerous deals with the Camarilla aligned against St. James, and is rumored to have a role in the Manhattan Cabal.

Veronica Tryst
Praelatus of New York
With her wry sense of humor and penchant for irony, Veronica Tryst conceals the broken heart of a romantic beneath a cynic’s scowl. Widely viewed as one of the greatest Toreador of the nineteenth century, Tryst is the genius behind the stained glass windows of Santa de Luzarches, the Toreador cathedral. After defecting from the Camarilla in 1916, she joined the Sabbat, where she works tirelessly on a yet-unseen Gesamtkunstwerk she refers to as “Number One.” A deft politician with a talent for strategic insight, Tryst advises Malachi on his interactions with the Syncelli, the Latrocinium, and the Camarilla.

Violetta Luzhin
Canon of New York
Married to a KGB director during the height of the Cold War, this Olympian gymnast was the brains behind her husband’s political manipulations. Embraced by an Old World Tzimisce in 1965, Luzhin now serves as Malachi’s spymaster and chief assassin.

Don Macedonio Carriego Casares
Canon of New York
A former diplomat from Argentina, Don Carriego Casares serves the Syncelli as chief financial advisor. Renowned for his elegant manners and old-world charm, the Lasombra has an unfailing grasp of human law, and his resources on Wall Street rival those of Clan Ventrue. Carriego Casares is also responsible for overseeing the nuncios that maintain political order among New York’s covens. This ultimate loyalty to Sabbat principles has alienated Carriego Casares from Archbishop Malachi, who rightly suspects that the Lasombra reports directly to Cardinal Lilitu.

Father Carniveau & Mother Casmaron
Canons of New York
No one knows if this pair of Tzimisce were born as human twins or have flesh-crafted themselves into similarity, but they are inseparable and virtually identical. Embraced during the infamous Inquisition of Loudon, Father Carniveau was a follower of the apostate Urbain Grandier, and Mother Casmaron was an Ursuline nun. Practitioners of Enochian magic and the dreaded arts of Infernalism, Carniveau and Casmaron oversee the coven priesthood, and attend to the rituals that unify the Sabbat into a cohesive sect.

Alsatia Véronique
A Tremere antitribu with a fiercely independent streak, Alsatia acts as an ambassador between the Gotham Sabbat and the New York Camarilla. Descended from a long line of voodoo mambas, she is rarely seen without her battered top-hat, which she claims was given to her by Baron Samedi himself.

William Pynchon III
Bishop of Brooklyn
A puritan minister from Kingsport, Bishop Pynchon is a Tremere antitribu in charge of the Sabbat spearhead in Brooklyn. A witch-finder in his mortal life, Pynchon is reputed to be the author of Monstres and their Kynde.

Archimedes Mercer
Bishop of Queens
A ferocious privateer who terrorized the waves during the Revolutionary War, Bishop Mercer is a loyal Lasombra who protects Queens from the Anarch shadows of southeast Brooklyn. He is ruthless but intelligent, exercising his power with a natural authority that binds his coven tightly together.

Virgil Crowley
Bishop of the Bronx
A Brujah antitribu, Crowley was a World War II fighter pilot who drowned his postwar depression in whiskey and mayhem. Nicknamed the “Satanic Mechanic,” Crowley presides over the mayhem of the Bronx with his biker gang, the Crow Magnum MC. He owns several important Sabbat properties in the Bronx, including N.O.X., Hellcat Auto & Repair, Locust Point Marina, and a private airfield in Yonkers.

Lucy Astaroth
Bishop of Staten Island
Once cursed as the Witch of Mohor, this Irish Cappadocian is one of the last of her kind. Independently-minded but loyal to the Sabbat cause, she has been assigned to conquer Staten Island by any means necessary.

Selected New York Covens

Sarnath Coven
Nominally led by Malachi Voordebrax, his position as Archbishop occupies most of his time, so his Manhattan coven is effectively run by his ductus, Spiral. The coven is based in Sarnath, the sprawling nightclub built in the remains of a nineteenth-century church. All the Cainites listed below are profiled more extensively on the Sarnath page.

Ductus of the Sarnath Coven/Vicar of Manhattan
Known for her razor-sharp wit, this Gangrel antitribu manages Sarnath, the Sabbat’s nightclub. The rare Gangrel who enjoys the hustle and bustle of city life, Spiral is fiercely devoted to Malachi, who rescued her from a pack of lupines in 1957.

Jörg Sander
A suave diplomat from Bavaria, Sander is serving a twelve-year apprenticeship under his Sire, Don Carriego Casares, who placed him in Malachi’s coven to help the Archbishop remain financially viable—without resorting to methodologies more arcane than effective bookkeeping!

Pope Mickey II
Ordered by Cardinal Lilitu to appoint a nuncio for his Sarnath coven, Malachi spitefully selected this deranged vicar, a Malkavian who watches over the spiritual well-being of the coven from a strait-jacket chained to the wall.

Konstantin Stravescu
A Paladin of the Black Hand, Konstantin is an Old World Tzimisce who serves Malachi with a strange mix of loyalty and hatred. Severe and stern, the Paladin knows twelve languages, but refuses to speak anything but antiquated Romanian.

Gimli Watts
A Brujah antitribu, Gimli is in charge of club security.

Dieter Zeit
A Toreador antitribu, Dieter is a techno-fetishist who works solely in the medium of light.

DJ Leng
A quiet Cainite of obscure Asian origin, DJ Leng is a Pander who tries to remain distanced from Sabbat politics.

Easter & Esbat
One of the stranger couples of the Sarnath scene, Easter is a drag-queen fashion model, and Esbat is an androgynous DJ who dresses in three-piece suits. Both are Malkavian neonates, and both are madly in love with each other.

Mozan Yoshi
This Japanese Lasombra manages Sarnath’s “Sanctum,” and is a master at pharmaceuticals, gardening, sushi, and torture.

Byzantium Coven
Centered on Byzantium, a sex club located in the Upper West side, this coven is loyal to Cardinal Lilitu, and caters to the more carnal aspects of the sinful sect. All the Cainites listed below are profiled more extensively on the Venus and Orchid page.

Venus and Orchid
Priest of the Byzantium Coven
A Toreador antitribu who worships the gods of pleasure, Venus and Orchid maintains several brothels, dungeons, and swing clubs. [Coming Soon]

Ingo Wallrafen
Ductus of the Byzantium Coven
A Dutch S&M photographer, this Toreador watches over Venus and Orchid’s empire of sin.

Mistress Naamah
An Israeli Toreador hopelessly in love with her mistress, Naamah believes fervently that Venus and Orchid has been marked for a divine destiny.

Lily & Lena
Experts in the tantric arts, these conjoined Ravnos twins personally train the coven’s human courtesans and houri.

Sister Elsie Toshiro
A debased nun, this Malkavian is an expert on religious seductions.

Engel Schiekron
A German fetish designer and Toreador ghoul, Mistress Schiekron runs Pharzuph, an upscale leather boutique in the East Village.

Green-Wood Coven
Centered around the sprawl of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, Bishop Pynchon’s small coven remains underground, trapped between the Prince’s domain in the north and the Anarchs to the south. Selected members of the coven include:

Captain Creede Coulter
Ductus of the Green-Wood Coven/Vicar of Brooklyn
A wealthy Lasombra, Creede Coulter was an artillery officer during the Civil War who broke with his Southern family to join the Union ranks. Ordered to fire on his own plantation by a vengeful general, Coulter inadvertently killed his own wife and child. Driven mad by the experience, Coulter deserted, eventually taken in by a Virginian Lasombra. He was Embraced a few years later, grew wealthy during the Reconstruction, and settled in New York at the turn of the century. Today, Coulter serves the Sabbat as loyally as he once served the Union, and his position on the Green-Wood Board of Directors ensures the cemetery’s resources remain free from Camarilla or Anarch influence.

Cordus Frasier
One of the original slaves who revolted during the 1741 insurrection, Cordus was Embraced along with Dead Caesar, and is the oldest “original” Nosferatu in New York City. Preferring the night sky over Green-Wood to the clan’s warren below the Five Points, he is also the only Nosferatu to have survived the Vanishing. His clan annihilated, Cordus joined the Sabbat, who were the only Cainites willing to believe in the existence of the Nictuku. Today, Cordus lives in a warren of his own creation beneath Green-Wood cemetery, where he “speaks to the dead” to learn their many secrets.

Ezequiel Pataquiva Santos de Itagüí
A flamboyant Tremere from Colombia, this antitribu spent his mortal life as a famous medium and astrologer in the 1920s. After predicting his own death in 1933, he was Embraced by a Tremere from Cartagena. He betrayed his clan to the Sabbat during La Violencia, and spent the next decade in Barcelona undergoing “reeducation.” His powers as a necromancer are equal to any Giovanni, and his ability foretell personal fortunes is second only to La Reina Bruja. The most powerful nuncio in New York, Ezequiel Pataquiva Santos de Itagüí ensures that the Brooklyn coven remains steadfastly loyal to La Catedral.

Sally Fear
A 13-year old girl Embraced in Hong Kong during the First Opium War, “Sally Fear” is a Chinese assassin who serves the Sabbat for reasons she declines to articulate. She is unique among the Sabbat, and perhaps among the entire Kindred world, as Sally is a failed Wissengeist progeny who has retained the discipline of Menschlichkeit. Although she is not a Daywalker, she can blend in with human beings to a frightening degree, her heart beating and her words carried by natural breath. A skilled actress fluent in twenty-three languages, Sally can instantly transform herself into any number of “personalities”—lost schoolchild, dutiful daughter, street waif, Japanese Lolita-girl, American teenager; anything to get her closer to her target. Dwelling in the sprawl of Sunset Park’s Chinatown, Sally lives with a comatose Malkavian Elder that some believe to be her Sire, a Wissengeist lost to the Wahnsinnflucht and slowly transforming into a human being.

The Thing In the Old School
One of the most mysterious vampires in the Sabbat, “The Thing” dwells in an abandoned Catholic school near Kensington. No one has ever seen this creature, who is believed to be a Tzimisce, an insane Tremere, or perhaps even a Malkavian. No matter its clan, the Thing In the Old School has the power to move objects, project illusions, and manifest voices. Allied with the Sabbat since the school closed in the 1960s, the Thing may only be consulted on specific Catholic holidays; but it has the ability to unfailingly predict the actions of the Camarilla. Needless to say, there are many theories about the Thing In the Old School and the source of its power, but every time a young Cainite decides to explore the school, they vanish without a trace.

The Smugglers Pack
The Sabbat coven in Queens is led by Bishop Archimedes Mercer. In charge of LaGuardia Airport, the northern shoreline, and the many expressways that cross the borough, this coven has the tremendous responsibility of keeping the Sabbat mobile and connected. The coven is centered in an abandoned cement factory along the College Point waterfront. Selected members of the coven include:

Colonel Jupiter Croft
Ductus of the Smugglers Pack/Vicar of Queens
In charge of the territory supporting La Guardia Airport, this Ventrue antitribu is a paranoid, authoritarian monster—but his effective methods in securing this precious territory ensure Croft a place in the Sabbat equal to any Lasombra.

Captain Nathaniel Coffin
Captain Coffin is a Nantucket whaler who vanished at sea, returning ten years later as a Malkavian with strange powers and a terrible secret. It is whispered that he can summon shipwrecks from the bottom of the ocean, and that he once sailed with the Dutchman. Although he lives in a makeshift “captain’s cabin” assembled in the cement factory, some claim his true lair is a sunken submarine just off the coastline of Coney Island.

Mina Sheridan
An English mathematician and amateur aviatrix, Mina Sheridan was Embraced in 1950 by Captain Creede Coulter. Becoming fascinated with computers in the 1960s, Mina now serves the coven as a skilled hacker, changing flight plans, deleting cargo manifests, or delaying construction projects with the stroke of a key. She is also an excellent nuncio—a Lasombra completely dedicated to Sabbat principles, she is in the perfect position to watch over Mercer’s coven of outlaws, making sure their rebellious tendencies are properly channeled.

A former Navy SEAL, this neonate was born Pharaoh Stone in Pennsylvania, and was Embraced by Mina Sheridan shortly after returning from duty. He took the name “Florestan” from Beethoven’s Fidelio, the opera that was playing during his Embrace. An expert in weapons systems and arms dealing, Florestan runs his operations from a long-forgotten “smuggler’s den” submerged beneath the waterline of Riker’s Island.

Roman Vikoja
Known as the “Commodore,” this Ravnos was a Croatian smuggler during World War II, and is now in charge of Queen’s northern shoreline. Occupying an old yacht along the College Point waterfront, the Commodore oversees a crew composed of Ravnos, Brujah antitribu, ghouls, and allied humans. Eschewing the more political and religious aspects of the Sabbat, Vikoja views his work as “just business.” This pragmatic attitude helps him maintain the many complicated relationships required to keep his operation afloat.

Mr. Vesper
Truly a “man in black,” the immaculately-clad Mr. Vesper was an allied codebreaker in life, and now serves the Sabbat as a security analyst. No one knows what clan he is.

Fang Lizhu
A Tzimisce Elder from Shanghai, Fang is responsible for maintaining contacts within Queens’ large Chinese community. The Sabbat’s resident expert on Asian Kindred, Fang’s status as a Tzimisce is not always appreciated or understood by his countrymen, but his good manners and diplomatic approach have earned him many important allies.

N.O.X. Coven & The Crow Magnum MC
Of all the boroughs in the city, the Bronx is the most chaotic, boasting a mixture of Anarchs, caitiff, Pander, and the largest clan of Setites in New York. The Sabbat are represented by the N.O.X. Coven and the Crow Magnum MC, an outlaw motorcycle gang presided over by Bishop Virgil Crowley, the Brujah “Satanic Mechanic.”

History of the Coven
In 1948, former Hellcat pilot Virgil Crow founded the Royal Ushers of Satan’s House, a Satanic motorcycle gang based from his garage just north of Mott Haven. The following year, the Ushers ran afoul of the Setites, who torched the garage and massacred half the pack. The survivors regrouped in Parkchester, where they reorganized as the “Crow Magnum Motorcycle Club” in 1951. Gaining increased support from the Latrocinium, Virgil Crow was introduced to the Sayer of the Law, a Tzimisce practitioner of Crowleyian magick. The Sayer helped the headstrong pilot realign his homegrown Satanism with the structured forms of O.T.O. ritual, and Virgil Crow became Virgil Crowley. As more members of the gang were initiated into the “Night of Pan,” Crowley’s pack became a true coven in the traditional sense of the word. After the Setites assassinated Bishop Aernout Bakker and destroyed the Spuyten Duyvil coven, Crowley was promoted to Bishop, and his pack became the primary extension of Sabbat power north of Manhattan.

The N.O.X. Coven has ninety-three members, a mixture of Cainites, ghouls, and enthralled humans. This number is considered magical, and must always be preserved. When someone dies, another member is immediately inducted. In a distinction sometimes lost outside the Bronx, the N.O.X. Coven is not synonymous with the Crow Magnum MC. A genuine 1% outlaw gang, a Cainite must ride to be in the MC, and must pass a series of initiation procedures, including serving as a “prospective” member for “666 Nights of Mayhem.” The coven itself includes the MC, but also prospects and auxiliaries such as foot soldiers, mechanics, corrupt officials, blood-doll slaves and sheep, and even an enthralled bondsman, retained to keep the pack’s mortals out of jail. Also noteworthy is the gang’s egalitarian approach to membership. Unlike most human MCs, the Crow Magnums accept any race or gender—such “monkey” distinctions are immaterial to the Cainites of the Sabbat. This openness, especially regarding women, is often misunderstood or mocked by human MCs; especially the first time they see a male blood doll stamped with a “Property of the Crow Magnums” tattoo! Sabbat fledglings are soon taught “better,” but for human bikers, it’s just another reason to avoid this bizarre and often terrifying gang.

Crow Magnum MC
The following important members of the N.O.X. Coven are in the Crow Magnum MC:

Lucifer Sam
Vice President of the Crow Magnum MC/Ductus of the N.O.X. Coven/Vicar of the Bronx
A rakish Brujah from England, Lucifer Sam was once Lieutenant Samuel Trilby, a daredevil Spitfire pilot who was Embraced by the same antitribu than sired Virgil Crowley. Throwing himself into the excesses of “Swinging London,” the charismatic dandy soon found himself at the center of a psychedelic sex cult in Ladbroke Grove, worshipped as a god and surrounded by brainwashed ghouls. After he drained, murdered, or Embraced all his followers by the early 1970s, Sam escaped the coming Thatcher years by exchanging London for New York City. Joining his blood-brother’s gang, it didn’t take long for the resourceful antitribu to prove his worth. Virgil Crowley’s right-hand man since the 1980s, Lucifer Sam oversees the club’s illegal operations, and keeps N.O.X. well-supplied with experimental drugs he produces in an underground laboratory along Givan Creek.

The Communard
A fidgety Malkavian with a photographic memory, the Communard claims to be from an alternate reality. He insists that he was born Porter Joseph Parker, a steamboat mechanic from a United States where the North lost the Civil War, American was ravaged by a mysterious “Blue Plague,” and the Bronx was part of a socialist collective known as the “Algonquin Commune.” Parker claims to have been a member of this Commune, serving as a “people’s mechanic” assigned to maintain the Commune’s Corliss engines. In 1871 he was dispatched to Manhattan to quell a series of riots, and was lynched by a group of enraged Irishmen, who hung Parker from a lamppost and left him for dead. He was rescued by a Malkavian, only to be drained of blood and buried alive beneath the lighthouse at Blackwell Island. It took six months for Parker to claw his way to the surface, and when he emerged, he found a “strange new world” with no trace of his Sire. Parker gradually adjusted to his condition, purchasing a garage near Hell Gate Bridge and joining the Sabbat. One of Crowley’s original Royal Ushers, the Communard carries a strange, metallic crossbow he fabricated in his workshop, and has a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality. As Secretary, the Communard is responsible for keeping the coven’s records.

Karol Pagán
With the appearance and demeanor of a middle-aged housewife, Karol Pagán is a Bronx-born Lasombra who was Embraced in 1976 by none other than Sister Lilith. As a result, Karol is a neonate with the powers of an Elder, and several foolish Cainites have met their True Death by underestimating her capabilities. Dressed in faded jeans, a floral-pattern blouse, and a fringed suede jacket, Karol is a calculating operator despite her innocuous appearance, and is known for shrewdly manipulating her opponents into acts of self-destruction. A “motorcycle mama” from her human days with the Ching-A-Ling Nomads, Karol’s Lasombra blood keeps her bound to the Latrocinium, but her heart belongs to the Crow Magnums—unlike the Ching-A-Lings, the Crow Magnums accept Karol as a fill-fledged rider.

Mama Roux
A Rubenesque Creole, in 1972 Mama Roux and her “old man” Randy Pepper departed New Orleans for a joyride to New York City. An ill-tempered alcoholic, Pepper insulted a Crow Magnum, and was shortly thereafter dragged behind the Brujah’s bike until his body was torn to pieces. The Brujah embraced Mama Roux out of spite, intending to torture her for a few months, then offer her up for diablerie at the Festivo dello Estinto. Instead, the unwilling fledgling used her wiles to trap and kill her Sire. Impressed by her resilience and cunning, Crowley returned her old man’s bike and granted Roux her freedom. A year later, Roux shocked the coven by returning—she had nowhere else to go, and found the Camarilla to be “insufferable pricks.” She used her business acumen to assist the club with their books, and proved so successful that Crowley placed her in charge of the “black books,” which tracked the coven’s illegal activities. Soon Mama Roux was supervising the finances of Hellcat Auto, Napoleon’s Wrecking and Salvage, and even N.O.X. itself. In 1984 she was made a Prospect, and after completing her 666 Nights of Mayhem, she was awarded her patch. As Treasurer, Mama Roux manages the coven’s funds, and is responsible for handling the MC’s unissued colors and patches.

Embraced in the nineteenth-century by an Arapahoe Gangrel known only as the “Alkali Lake Monster,” this burly Sioux was originally an Oglala warrior named Chanowíchakte, or “Kills in Forest.” After being cast out from his tribe, Chanowíchakte traveled the country, joining a Wild West show in 1891 as a marksman known as “Chief Shoots-in-the-Dark.” By the 1920s he was working in a traveling carnival, riding a motorcycle on the “Ring of Death” and jumping through flaming hoops. Chanowíchakte ended up in New York City before the War, and became a founding member of the Royal Ushers. Known ironically as “Cowboy,” as Sergeant-at-Arms, Chanowíchakte is responsible for maintaining coven discipline and keeping the MC secure. Being a Gangrel, he prefers to use his claws in combat; but true to his nickname, Cowboy carries a pair of silver-plated Schofield revolvers “just in case.”

Cowboy is rarely seen without “Squaw,” a former Playboy bunny from Bangladesh named Parvati Suhrawardy. Cowboy’s “old lady,” Squaw is also his ghoul, and he rarely makes strategic decisions without first consulting her sound tactical advice. He would have Embraced Suhrawardy years ago, but she has little desire to be a Gangrel. The couple are currently looking for the “right Toreador” to join a bloody ménage-a-trois, a situation that invites much bawdy humor around the club—“Hey man, just place a want ad in Sabbat Swingers! ‘Cowboy and Indian are looking for a Toreador unicorn!’ What could go wrong?”

The Marshal
Road Captain
Born Hércules Napoleón Bonaparte Osorio, this Vietnam veteran owns Napoleon Salvage & Wrecking, a sprawling junkyard in Castle Hill. Currently serving the club as Road Captain, the Ravnos has taken a distinctively proactive approach to his office, and has increased the number of “Search & Destroy” rides—nasty rampages designed to clear the area of undesirables, particularly meddlesome lupines, Camarilla interlopers, and the hated Setites.

Coven Cainites
The following members of the N.O.X. Coven are not actually in the Crow Magnum MC, but are very important to the pack:

The Sayer of the Law
Priest of the N.O.X. Coven
Unlike the other boroughs, the Bishop of the Bronx does not double as coven priest. That role is occupied by a Cainite known as the Sayer of the Law, a half-joking title that combines the Island of Doctor Moreau with the O.T.O. “magick” practiced by the coven. Claiming lineage from the Golden Dawn and the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Sayer is a lanky Tzimisce with glittering, ice-blue eyes. Unkempt in appearance, he wears fouled robes, and his bedraggled hair is caked with dried blood. The Sayer is responsible for binding the coven through rituals that often involve bloodletting, the consumption of human flesh, and the rites of diablerie, whether willing or unwilling. Fusing Sabbat ideology with Crowleyian magick, these rituals are known to produce intoxicating effects in the Cainites who participate, with the Sayer himself transfigured into a terrible angel they call “Pan.” Whether this is gospel truth, consensual hallucination, or cagily-applied Vicissitude is a matter of debate.

Priestess of the N.O.X. Coven
A Haitian woman of stunning beauty, Laylah is a “Serpent of the Light”—a Setite antitribu— dispatched from Spring Valley to assist the Sabbat in their crusade against the Followers of Set. A servant of Erzulie, she has infused her voodoo beliefs with the coven’s brew of Crowleyian magick and Satanism, and has adopted the name Laylah, or “Night.” Serving opposite the Sayer of the Law, Laylah represents the “divine feminine” in coven rituals by acting as the “sacred cup” during the rite of Vaulderie. She first drinks the blood of every Cainite in the coven, then lays back on the altar and offers her veins as a communal fount. While this renews the shared blood bond of Vaulderie, it also draws the pack closer to Laylah, who is worshipped with a combination of artless wonder and mystical, erotic longing. Laylah is acutely aware of her power over the coven, and Nuncio Pagán keeps a close eye on her, making sure the Setite antitribu remains firmly aligned with Sabbat goals.

El Cerdo
Clad in a leather-and-chain strait-jacket with a bloody potato sack covering his head, El Cerdo is a Nosferatu who dwells is the wasteland of Napoleon Salvage & Wrecking. Feral and nearly insensate, El Cerdo is used for purposes of intimidation—he is the classic “monster” the pack uses to terrify their enemies, a cross between the Bear Jew and the Rancor. Like a mad dog, El Cerdo is loyal only to his master, the Marshal, whom he regards with a bizarre tenderness, making delighted meeping sounds every time Osorio approaches his lair. No one knows what El Cerdo looks like, but his strait-jacket bulges with distasteful unknowns, and his feeding habits frequently involve dismemberment.

Coven of the Alabaster Madonna
Led by Lucy Astaroth, this unusual coven is based from Saint Mary the Virgin, an abandoned church located near Lemon Creek Park. Of all the Sabbat covens, the Alabaster Madonna is the most diverse, and contains numerous strange bloodlines, Camarilla antitribu, and even a lupine. Selected members of the coven include:

Miranda Two Crows
Ductus of the Alabaster Madonna Coven/Vicar of Staten Island
This Tremere antitribu was a dancer at a Kansas strip club before attracting the attention of a Tremere Anarch. The daughter of a Choctaw medicine man, Miranda inherited tremendous power over the natural elements, which she uses in the Sabbat’s war against Midori. She despises the Camarilla, and looks forward to the day when her clan joins the Sabbat, “where they belong.”

A brilliant programmer and network specialist, Rudolf Gass was a Berlin Glass Walker who had no desire to join the ranks of the undead. After losing a battle with a pack of Gangrel in Siberia, they Embraced him—and he miraculously survived the experience, transforming from a lupine into a Cainite! Viewed an abomination by his own kind and rejected from the Camarilla, Gass found a home in the Sabbat, where he goes by his hacker nom de guerre, “Tindalos.” Although he rarely reveals himself in the flesh, his technical expertise is invaluable to the modern Sabbat, whether he’s erasing government records or creating entirely new identities from scratch.

Vona Loath
Obsessed with flesh-crafting herself to resemble monstrous beings, Vona Loath is a mysterious Tzimisce who has spent the last two decades transforming into a spiderlike creature that rarely leaves the church. She has tremendous magical talents, which she uses to shield the coven from Midori and her Tremere sorcerers.

A Paladin of the Black Hand, this humorless Tzimisce served under Vlad Tepes fighting the Turks. Like his former master, he takes a draconian view of security, and is not afraid to go to extremes to protect his coven. No quarter is given to Midori’s creatures, which are generally tortured, beheaded, and burnt to ashes, which are then mailed to the Prince’s Brooklyn address in numbered vials.

Vivian Song
A rogue Black Spiral Dancer, Vivian’s cairn in the New Jersey Pine Barrens was ruthlessly exterminated by Midori during one of her periodic pogroms. Seeking asylum with Midori’s enemies, she joined the Sabbat, and serves as a loyal soldier in the relentless war for Staten Island.

Sources & Notes

This document was first uploaded on 31 October 2000. The banner image incorporates an illustration by John Bolton. I would like to thank my friend “Dagon” from the Netherlands, who first provided me with ideas for The Doll and Lucy Astaroth, and loaned me a few notions about Sabbat hierarchy. Captain Coulter is inspired by the Ambrose Bierce story, “The Affair at Coulter’s Notch.” The Communard is a Deadlands 1876 in-joke, and Lucifer Sam and Mama Roux both get their names from songs—Syd Barrett and Dr. John respectively. And, er, Vhaindra and Angelus were actually gods from the AD&D campaign I ran as a teenager back in the 1980s! They were the “Old Gods of Bain,” a Melniboné rip-off that served as the standard “decadent evil empire” in my campaign world. Who doesn’t love a good vagina dentata?

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