This section of Shipwreck Library collects my game materials for White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade. These are the same materials I once published on the Web as “New York By Night” from 1993–2002. As this campaign is long over, this site is merely an archive of my old campaign materials, with all their purple prose and gothic earnestness intact! I will be added the remainder of my New York by Night writings over the next few months.

The Threshold
An introduction to New York by Night, including an updated FAQ page and notes on my old Vampire campaign.

A listing of the major New York vampire Clans and personalities, with a brief history of undead New York.

This section details some of the locations the dead spend their time.

The Haven
Complete character descriptions for important undead NPCs. [Coming Soon]

The Belfry
Miscellaneous material from the New York by Night campaign. [Coming Soon]

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