This page collects the various reviews published on Shipwreck Library. Many were originally published on The Modern Word.


Donald Camel and Nicolas Roeg, 1970.
Review and commentary for this surreal underground classic, inspired by Borges and starring Mick Jagger.

The Spider’s Stratagem
Bertold Bertolucci, 1970.
Review and commentary for this Italian adaptation of Borges’ story “Theme of the Traitor and the Hero.”

Mulholland Drive
David Lynch, 2001.
An attempt to understand and explicate David Lynch’s masterpiece, this is more of an essay than a film review.


Gilligan’s Wake
Tom Carson
A mind-blowing excursion through America seen through the eyes of a well-known crew. [Coming Soon]

House of Leaves
Mark Z. Danielewski.
“The book and the labyrinth are one and the same.” A review of Mark Z. Danielewski’s postmodern horror novel.

A New Universal History of Infamy
Rhys Hughes. Ministry of Whimsy Press, 2003.
A charming update of Borges’ first story collection by the Welsh writer Rhys Hughes.

The People In the Room
Norah Lange. Translation by Charlotte Whittle. And Other Stories, 2018.
The first English translation of Norah Lange’s 1950 novel, Personas en la sala. A member of the Buenos Aires “Florida Group” that included Borges—who unsuccessfully vied for her affections—Norah Lange was an early proponent of “ultraism.”


This Craft of Verse
Jorge Luis Borges. Harvard University Press, 2000.
Rediscovered at the time of the Borges Centennial, these six lectures were delivered by Borges at Harvard University from 1967-1968.

Jorge Luis Borges: Conversations, Vols. 1-3
Jorge Luis Borges. Seagull Books, 2014–2017.
From 1984–1985, Osvaldo Ferrari conducted over one hundred interviews with Borges for Argentine radio. These three volumes are the first time these dialogues have been translated into English.

Jorge Luis Borges: The Last Interview
Jorge Luis Borges. Melville House, 2013.
This volume contains an extended excerpt from Richard Burgin’s 1968 book, Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges, a 1980 interview conducted by Artful Dodge, and of course Borges’ final interview, a fascinating exchange with Gloria López Lecube for La Isla FM Radio in Argentina.

Cy-Borges: Memories of the Posthuman in the Work of Jorge Luis Borges
Stefan Herbrechter & Ivan Callus, ed. Bucknell University Press, 2009.
A collection of academic papers exploring posthuman elements in Borges’ work.

The Secret Books
Sean Kernan. Leetes Island Books, 1999.
A haunting homage to Borges by photographer Sean Kernan. [Coming Soon]

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