The world of Deadlands 1876 is a haunted one, full of strange artifacts invested with power. Some have been deliberately prepared, while others have been selected by fate to bear witness to strange histories. This section offers profiles on some of the more unusual “relics” that may be used by, for, or against stalwart player characters.


Diente Sombrío
Once owned by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, this bloodthirsty sword was carried all the way to Alkali Lake, Nebraska on the conquistador’s mad quest for the Seven Cities of Gold.

Knife of the Aqedah
The dagger nearly used by Abraham to slay Isaac, this storied relic has the power to invoke visions and bind angels.

Miscellaneous Items

Cannibal Cutlery
Forged by the White Glove Society, this bizarre set of aluminum dinnerware grants cannibals special powers when they practice their gourmet talents.

Wínyan Núpa’s Book of Faces
This ancient text features dozens of sketches of the women who have “hosted” the Mesoamerican sorceress, Wínyan Núpa.

Wishbone of Gallus Mag
Owned by the infamous Five Points harridan Gallus Mag, this good luck charm has the power to turn a bad break into a good one. [TBD]

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